GROWTH are one of the lesser-heard great bands of our time. This live show in Santa Barbara from over the summer confirms it.

They’re a three-woman Swedish band, working out of Stockholm initially but now spread in different locations, making it difficult to record. To date there’s been one 45 and one cassette – a total of 4 songs, all fantastically dark, well-spaced, messy soul-eating garage blues, in the vein of Come, Little Claw and other leading lights of bummer rock.

Growth hoofed it across the west coast of the USA over the summer; I even helped them a ‘lil bit with the itinerary after writing them a frothing fan letter, but didn’t get to see them because I myself was living in Scandinavia over the summer, a mere 6 hours’ drive from them. They couldn’t put together any shows in my honor while I was there, probably because the entire nations of Norway and Sweden go on vacation June, July and August.

I think you’ll wanna check them out if you haven’t heard them yet. They’re still together, and Annie, Hillevi and Elizabeth promise new music later this year.

Buy their “The Flood/Turn” 45 on Human Audio or buy the individual tracks on Bandcamp.

Listen to their 2-song cassette on Ljudkassett.

Watch a video of the band playing “Blind Voice”.

Download this 30-minute set of the band live in Santa Barbara, CA this past summer. (thanks to Hoshwa of 5432 Fun for recording this in the first place).

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