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Growth / Mr. Science / Palberta reviews

Some record reviews I’ve recently written:

GROWTH – Colour, Cut and Clarity 7”EP

An icy dip into Stockholm’s Growth’s sorrow and pity parade, and a righteously good one at that. I’d thought they’d broken up, as things were pretty quiet out Västertorp way since that “Turn/The Flood” single in 2013. This female trio’s transitioning a bit from messy, dark, soul-eating garage blues into a formidable practitioner of soundtrack-like goth eeriness, with a raw keyboard-driven punk edge and some seriously desperate vocals. Only “Amanda”, known previously as “Blind Voice” on an old tape, retains the same whole-cut vibe as the old stuff, but I’m finding myself melting into their new dark sound pretty willingly. Anyone w/ a Joy Division, Come or Little Claw patch on their jean jackets oughta check it out. (Lazy Octopus;

MR. SCIENCE – 1978-1979 7”EP

The oddball part of “Mr. Science”, a brainiac, synth-obsessed weirdo in a white lab coat, was played in 1978-79 by one Brad Garton, who was soon to be part of Indiana’s Dow Jones & The Industrials. His goofy analog-era bleeping and blurping never made it to vinyl until this five-song archival bit came out as a bonus mail item to go w/ Family Vineyard’s very nice Dow Jones package. I thought the A-Frames ultimately did a better job cramming funny, five-dollar futuristic words into jerky meter & verse than Garton does here, but this is still a pretty solid & altogether brief gallop nonetheless. “The Number Song” is a nearly dub-like, echoed instrumental incantation of a phone number that I’m tempted to call myself (right after I finish rotary-dialing 867-5309). “Mutant Humans” sounds in 2016 like a SNL parody of late-70s Devo worship, but was probably the cat’s meow on the Indiana plains in its time. “Sociobiology” is the set’s robotic standout, and it laid a nice foundation for his later band’s outstanding “Ladies With Appliances”. I’m quite glad I got to hear it now, and your duty now for the future is to try and hear it yourself. (Family Vineyard;

PALBERTA – Hot On The Beach 12”EP and DL

Apparently Palberta are scene dreamboats across small, leafy,
Eastern liberal arts college towns. They’ve got a willing patron in
Feeding Tube, who took this 2015 tape and gave it the vinyl treatment a
year later. I’ve generally liked bits and pieces of everything they’ve
done, especially when those pieces are unpredictably disjointed &
wild sub-1 minute no-wave skronking, like this thing’s excellently bent
“Thumb War” and “Fuck You”. But they’re trying too hard elsewhere to be
those “Ohmygod you guys I’m so weird” girls found tripping &
fluttering on campuses everywhere. “Prolly For The Best”, which chews up
most of the real estate here, is a fairly unlistenable thirteen minutes
of young women giggling over robotic dance music and/or doing that
“spoiled brat” nyanh-nyanh vocal thing that Kathleen Hanna so annoyingly
“perfected” twenty years ago. Pluck the good songs, discard the rest,
and remember why it is you scrape the web for mp3s and not vinyl.
(Feeding Tube;

Dynamite Hemorrhage Radio

Dynamite Hemorrhage Radio #82

While the political world burns, Dynamite Hemorrhage Radio can remain your sub-underground port in the storm. The 82nd edition of the show brings some top-drawer new material from GROWTH, VELO, CHOOK RACE, CCTV, LIQUIDS, TIM PRESLEY and NO SISTER, along with new archival material from DOW JONES & THE INDUSTRIALS, ZERO CRAG and even MR. SCIENCE himself (pictured).

I also found time to painstakingly flip and sort through my mp3 collection, and pulled up stuff for you by DESPERATE BICYCLES, THE FIX, ½ JAPANESE, GREEN ON RED, ART MUSEUMS and more. Take a peek at this playlist and then push whatever buttons you need to get this thing going into your ear canals.

Download Dynamite Hemorrhage Radio #82 (and many past episodes) from iTunes.

Stream or download the show on Soundcloud.

Stream the show on Mixcloud.

Track listing:

GROWTH – Amanda
DOW JONES & THE INDUSTRIALS – Ladies With Appliances
MR. SCIENCE – Sociobiology
MARK WYNN – Real Sausages Made By a Real Butcher
CCTV – God’s Will
LIQUIDS – Take the Bait
ANGRY SAMOANS – Are You A Square
THE WHITEFRONTS – Get Out of the House or I’m Calling The Cops
TIM PRESLEY – Can You Blame
ART MUSEUMS – Dancing With a Hole in Your Heart
CHOOK RACE – Sun in Eyes
GREEN ON RED – Illustrated Crawling
ZERO CRAG – Push-Button Warfare
LEAVING TRAINS – Cigarette Motel
POSTURE – Janitor
VELO – Deal With It
½ JAPANESE – I Know How It Feels….Bad
THE FIX – No Idols
NO SISTER – This Heat


GROWTH are one of the lesser-heard great bands of our time. This live show in Santa Barbara from over the summer confirms it.

They’re a three-woman Swedish band, working out of Stockholm initially but now spread in different locations, making it difficult to record. To date there’s been one 45 and one cassette – a total of 4 songs, all fantastically dark, well-spaced, messy soul-eating garage blues, in the vein of Come, Little Claw and other leading lights of bummer rock.

Growth hoofed it across the west coast of the USA over the summer; I even helped them a ‘lil bit with the itinerary after writing them a frothing fan letter, but didn’t get to see them because I myself was living in Scandinavia over the summer, a mere 6 hours’ drive from them. They couldn’t put together any shows in my honor while I was there, probably because the entire nations of Norway and Sweden go on vacation June, July and August.

I think you’ll wanna check them out if you haven’t heard them yet. They’re still together, and Annie, Hillevi and Elizabeth promise new music later this year.

Buy their “The Flood/Turn” 45 on Human Audio or buy the individual tracks on Bandcamp.

Listen to their 2-song cassette on Ljudkassett.

Watch a video of the band playing “Blind Voice”.

Download this 30-minute set of the band live in Santa Barbara, CA this past summer. (thanks to Hoshwa of 5432 Fun for recording this in the first place).


Here’s a nearly un-Googleable band from Sweden called GROWTH that Tumblr user UrbanKill turned me onto yesterday. Dirty, slow and venomous garage poison that he compared to Little Claw, which I don’t see any reason to argue with.

This came out on Bandcamp at the very end of 2012, and like I said, other info is nigh impossible. Who out there can tell us something about GROWTH? Because this thing just made me erupt in hives.