Here’s what Dynamite Hemorrhage’s Erika Elizabeth has to say about this summer’s PRIMETIME 7"EP:

Killer slash & burn angular pop from four London ladies who paint a fairly convincing picture of what the first Elastica album might have sounded like if they had lifted their songs from the Au Pairs & Delta 5 rather than Wire & the Stranglers. Primetime are clearly well-schooled in the rich history of post-Desperate Bicycles minimalist DIY messthetics (UK Division), as evidenced by the agitated vocals, wiry guitar & ever so slightly off-balance drums propelling “Slushy”, which, despite my initial hopeful excitement, is not actually a cover of the Vaselines song of the same name (but no matter). My gold star, however, goes to the opener “Tied Down”, which sort of updates the skittering see-saw rush of Kleenex’s “Ain’t You” for the realities of casual encounters in 2014, with the particularly gleeful kiss-off line “I want your body, not your mind; don’t wanna see you all the time” delivered via an effortlessly cool girl-crew chorus. Yes, a million times yes. Do not fuck with Primetime! (La Vida Es Un Mus; lavidaesunmus.com) – Erika

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