Futures & Pasts | 03.26.16


First episode of the podcast under the name Futures & Pasts; last episode of the podcast as a once-a-month installment. Starting next weekend, I’ll be doing a weekly two-hour episode of the show at Freeform Portland – listen live online at freeformportland.org or on an actual radio in the Portland city limits each Saturday night from 8-10pm PST. You’ll also be able to hear each episode after the fact in streamable/downloadable format right here on the blog. Fuck yeah.

Download the show here. Stream at the link above.

Artist – Song Title – Album Title – Label

The Nice Men – Nuclear Summer – Nuclear Summer 7″ – Mrs. Green
Mocket – Bionic Parts – Bionic Parts – Punk in My Vitamins
The Urinals – Scholastic Aptitude – Negative Capability, Check It Out! – In the Red
Foster Body – Drawer – Moving Display – Diabolical
This Sporting Life – Total Loss – Show Me to the Bellrope – Flying Nun
The Beakers – Line Up – Four Steps Toward A Cultural Revolution – K
Objects – Back Problems – demo – self-released
Henry’s Dress – (You’re My) Radio One – s/t – Slumberland
Tough Customer – Clean & Clear – The Worst! cassette – self-released
Lung Leg – Right Now Baby – Right Now Baby 7" – Vesuvius
Silver Fox – Marble World – Waves On In 7" – M’Lady’s
Ex-Debs – Paint Huffers 1997 – Initial Demo – self-released
Kicking Giant – This Song – Alien ID – K
Swell Maps – Read About Seymour – Read About Seymour 7" – Rather
Neighbourhood Threat – Trivial Pursuit – s/t cassette – Cheap & Nasty
Slumber Party – Sooner or Later – s/t – Kill Rock Stars
Thin Yoghurts – Drink Problem – Girl on the Bus 7" – Lowther Street
The Click – Rope Around My Neck – Fraction 7" – Sound Ideas
Doctor Nod – Places It Goes – Top Tips cassette – Clean Nice Quiet
Neonbabies – Eingebrochen – Nervös 7"- Teldec
Numbers – I’m Shy – Numbers Life – Tigerbeat6
Lithics – The Snake – Borrowed Floors – Water Wing
DNA – 5:30 – A Taste of DNA EP – Rough Trade
Morbid Opera – Sledgehammer – Jesus Loves You, So Give Us Your Money 7" – Sublapse
WALL – Cuban Cigars 7" – s/t EP – Wharf Cat
The Vores – Get Outta My Way – Love Canal 7" – Family Only
Paint Thinner – Glistening Dots – demo cassette – self-released
The Fakes – Look-Out – Production 7" – Deep Cuts
City Yelps – We Like the Hours – The City Yelps Half Hour – Oddbox
Bound & Gagged – Chains & Polymers – s/t EP – Modern Method
The Particles – Driving Me – Colour In 7" – Certain Music

Goodbye Expressway to Yr Skull – great listening to your amazing array of punk, pop & ultra-obscurities from all corners of the sub-underground for the last five years. A hearty welcome to Futures & Pasts!

Futures & Pasts | 03.26.16


I bought my first copy of Maximum RocknRoll since….well….let’s say it’s been a few years. Why? Because they had the good sense to have Dynamite Hemorrhage contributing editor Erika Elizabeth write a column.

She’s in the new July issue, talking about THE SHIFTERS, URANIUM CLUB, her lost female-fronted punk piece in Dynamite Hemorrhage #2, and some other deeply-buried obscurities that you need an alterna-sherpa like Ms. Elizabeth to help find. 

You can order it here. Listen to her monthly podcast here.


Dynamite Hemorrhage #2 fanzine is now ON SALE for a “limited period”. Six bucks gets you an 84-page beast full of raw sub-underground rocknroll from the last five decades. Order it here.

It features:

– An interview and career-spanning retrospective with BILL DIREEN, the New Zealand-based musical iconoclast and creator of some of the most weird and wonderful underground pop music of the last 35 years. Great old photos of Vacuum, Six Impossible Things and more – with Direen’s take on his many recordings, bands and general outlook on creation & creativity.

Tim Warren from Crypt Records, on the eve of two new volumes of the mind-destroying “BACK FROM THE GRAVE” 60s punk compilations, takes us through in profanity-strewn detail how he’s been putting these comps together since 1983, and the pain the man has endured to make sure you and I get to hear some of the most raw and rare rocknroll chaos of all time…!

– Interview with bedroom lo-fi pop savants HONEY RADAR, currently making many short, abrasive and lovely mini-masterpieces out of Philadelphia

– Interview with NOTS, raw and slashing earworm punk band from Memphis

KING TEARS MORTUARY, Sydney, Australia’s answer to the question “What would a mix of C86, KBD punk and The Gories sound like?”

Erika Elizabeth’s overview of lost and neglected female-fronted punk and post-punk bands and records you’ve never heard of

The Layman’s Guide to 1970s Jamaican DUB – an overview of wild, weird and wacked dub reggae created during its peak era, along with ten essential dub recordings, explored

– Interviews with Jon Savage and Stuart Baker on the new PUNK 45 series of archival 70s punk reissues

– 87 record reviews
– 15 book reviews
– Advertisements from today’s top hitmaking labels

Order it here.


Here’s what Dynamite Hemorrhage’s Erika Elizabeth has to say about this summer’s PRIMETIME 7"EP:

Killer slash & burn angular pop from four London ladies who paint a fairly convincing picture of what the first Elastica album might have sounded like if they had lifted their songs from the Au Pairs & Delta 5 rather than Wire & the Stranglers. Primetime are clearly well-schooled in the rich history of post-Desperate Bicycles minimalist DIY messthetics (UK Division), as evidenced by the agitated vocals, wiry guitar & ever so slightly off-balance drums propelling “Slushy”, which, despite my initial hopeful excitement, is not actually a cover of the Vaselines song of the same name (but no matter). My gold star, however, goes to the opener “Tied Down”, which sort of updates the skittering see-saw rush of Kleenex’s “Ain’t You” for the realities of casual encounters in 2014, with the particularly gleeful kiss-off line “I want your body, not your mind; don’t wanna see you all the time” delivered via an effortlessly cool girl-crew chorus. Yes, a million times yes. Do not fuck with Primetime! (La Vida Es Un Mus; lavidaesunmus.com) – Erika

Order our new issue, with 86 more reviews like this one, here.