Here’s your chance to stream or download Dynamite Hemorrhage Radio #40 – which will be supplanted by a new episode later this evening.


How about we post last week’s podcast again, in case you haven’t streamed or downloaded it yet…?

You can pretty much set your watch by the arrival of a new DYNAMITE HEMORRHAGE RADIO podcast, every two or three weeks or so, give or take a few days on either end. Our newest edition is our fortieth (four-zero; #40) and was recorded on the 4th of July in a place where said day is utterly meaningless and uncelebrated. I’ve been enjoying larding these shows up with new stuff rather than mp3s from my outrageously bountiful mp3 collection (you should see it!), primarily because every two weeks I keep hearing new stuff I think is totally rad. Case in point: THE COOLIES, PIECE WAR, THE YAKKS, DARK TIMES, MEN OH PAUSE, POW!, WOLF GIRL and COLD BEAT – all brand new. All great – or else we wouldn’t play it, right?

There’s also the new reissue of The Flesh Eaters“A Minute To Pray, A Second To Die” to contend with, as well as important material that its essential you listen to from Tales of Terror, The Milky Ways, Naked Spots Dance and others. It’s one hour and a few minutes, and it’s available for download on iTunes and Soundcloud and in other spots as well – like right here.

Download Dynamite Hemorrhage Radio #40.
Stream or download Dynamite Hemorrhage Radio #40 on Soundcloud.
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Track listing:
YAKKS – Sonja is a Racist
PIECE WAR – Call on Me
COLD BEAT – Falling Skylines
POW! – One Eyed Scorpion
WOLF GIRL – Freudian Slips
USELESS EATERS – Desperate Living
MEN OH PAUSE – Concrete Woman
NAKED SPOTS DANCE – Crescendo/Circle Moon
MEAT PUPPETS – Unpleasant
WORKDOGS – Funny $
MILKY WAYS – Guillotine
GANG GREEN – Kill a Commie
THE FLESH EATERS – Divine Horseman

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