JOYRIDE, or shall I say, “JOYRIDE!”, are a San Francisco triad of punkers who’ve captured my ears and stolen my proverbial heart w/ their split LP with another band (whom we’ve not yet heard) called BITPART. Lead singer Jenna transcends a somewhat generic fast-tempo’ed pop/HC approach with a sweet set of pipes, reminding me of The Gits, an act whom I saw a few times opening for other bands in the early 90s and who stood tall solely on the strength of their female singer’s voice and personality.

Joyride! are much, much better than the Gits, to be sure, and I’d recommend their half of the split to anyone with ten seconds to get the free download going. Unlike the Faith side of Faith/Void, you don’t even need to pay cash money for the bad stuff in order to own the good.

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