Get a load of this excellent quick pump-action pop from PLUME, a new San Jose band made up of members of Sourpatch, Joyride! and perhaps other individuals unaffiliated with either.

They put up a demo over on Bandcamp that I wish I could recommend to you in all good conscience, but, well, there’s just the one…..


I’m still charmed and chastened by the amount of really fantastic music that comes out every month. You’d think the fount of rock and pop music would have run totally bone dry by now, right? You’d be wrong. Here are 21 modern assertions to the contrary, put together by me, for you, and available to listen on 8Tracks via your computer or mobile telephone. Just about everything came out in 2012, with maybe a song or two that I discovered in the past few months that came out a little earlier. You’re cool with that, I’m hoping.

Take a listen to “DISCONNECT YOURSELF” right here and let me know how much it’s enriching your life.

Track list:

1.     CRASH NORMAL – Moon Food
2.     USELESS EATERS – Daft Love
3.     SWEARIN’ – Hundreds & Thousands
5.     CHAPTER 24 – Spindle
6.     THE BLACK LIPS – Raw Meat
7.     HABIBI – Sweetest Talk
8.     PSYCHIC FELINE – White Walls
9.     THEE OH SEES – Flood’s New Light
11.   PAMELA – Coffin (Nails)
12.   APACHE DROPOUT – Archie’s Army
13.   JOYRIDE! – Person Place or Thing
14.   TERRY MALTS – Disconnect
15.   DEAD ANGLE – Why Don’t You
16.   PARQUET COURTS – Borrowed Time
17.   SIGHTLINES – Beautiful Girl
18.   WHITE FENCE – Growing Faith
19.   FLOWERS – Cut & Run
20.   USELESS EATERS – Year 11
21.   WEED HOUNDS – Beach Bummed


JOYRIDE, or shall I say, “JOYRIDE!”, are a San Francisco triad of punkers who’ve captured my ears and stolen my proverbial heart w/ their split LP with another band (whom we’ve not yet heard) called BITPART. Lead singer Jenna transcends a somewhat generic fast-tempo’ed pop/HC approach with a sweet set of pipes, reminding me of The Gits, an act whom I saw a few times opening for other bands in the early 90s and who stood tall solely on the strength of their female singer’s voice and personality.

Joyride! are much, much better than the Gits, to be sure, and I’d recommend their half of the split to anyone with ten seconds to get the free download going. Unlike the Faith side of Faith/Void, you don’t even need to pay cash money for the bad stuff in order to own the good.