Dynamite Hemorrhage Radio

Dynamite Hemorrhage Radio – Television Bootleg special edition

Just for fun – here’s a special hour of rare tracks from TELEVISION bootlegs, 1974-1978. I’ve compiled the best stuff from six bootlegs – Double Exposure, Poor Circulation, Live Adventures, Live Portland 1978, A Season In Hell and Nights to Remember to celebrate a band who were both under-recorded and who best showcased just how amazingly inventive they were while playing live.

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TELEVISION – Fire Engine (Double Exposure)
TELEVISION – Horizontal Ascension (A Season in Hell)
TELEVISION – Eat The Light (Poor Circulation)
TELEVISION – Excitement (Poor Circulation)
TELEVISION – Double Exposure (Double Exposure)
TELEVISION – Breakin’ in My Heart (Nights To Remember)
TELEVISION – The Blow Up (Live Adventures)
TELEVISION – The Dream’s Dream (Live Portland 1978)
TELEVISION – Marquee Moon (Live Portland 1978)

3 thoughts on “Dynamite Hemorrhage Radio – Television Bootleg special edition

  1. Thank you, this is great – I feel strangely starved of deep appreciation of great music like this. DH is where it’s at, the first port of call. There’s a million blogs (I guess), but I’d trade em in for a Slash or Forced Exposure. Weird when the culture becomes so prolific yet spread so thin. Anyway – Some of the best music Television made is on bootlegs. The Blow Up is a top ten favourite for Johnny Jewel and Marquee Moon alone, surpassing the studio records in some ways. The sound quality on the likes of What I Heard, Excitement etc is akin to listening to groken glass rattling around a shoe polish tin, only adding to the magic and special feeling. Of course there’s a mystic aspect to this stuff. Music is hallucination. It demands commitment. What isn’t there is as important as what is. Well, that’s just my opinion. Thanks for a great, great blog and the best sounds. May you leap from strength to strength. P.S. Did you hear the new Flesh Eaters LP?

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  2. Thanks for the kind words, WM! It’s funny, I haven’t listened to The Blow Up as much as some of these bootlegs – I wonder what it was that put me off on that one? I’ll bet I haven’t heard it in 25 years (!). And no, I have not listened to the newest Flesh Eaters album (yet). Should I correct that?


  3. I like the new Flesh eaters LP – particularly the cover of Green Manalishi, and Ghost Cave Lament – I don’t want to prejudice your expectations too much. Some things are left well alone … and what can top Minute To Pray, Forever, Hard Road, No Questions … incidentally, is it just me, or are there two consecutive versions of Dream’s Dream on the TV Boot special, one in place of The Blow-Up (alias Fire Engine)? The TV loft demo from the Season In Hell comp is a ringer for the Velvets – somehow Guess I’m Falling In Love was influential in spite of never being released until decades after the fact. I wonder if Tom Verlaine will soon loosen his grip on the Neon Boys Hot Dog? (Ya heard me). Thanks as per and looking forward to the Slash issue.


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