Now Available: Dynamite Hemorrhage fanzine #6

Dynamite Hemorrhage 6I’ve got the next issue – #6 – of Dynamite Hemorrhage fanzine at the printer now, and it’s available to pre-order here. They’ll be shipping out the week of January 7th.

It’s a 48-page, digest-sized issue, featuring the following:

— A complete guide to the many strange & wonderful side projects from the members of New Zealand’s THE GARBAGE AND THE FLOWERS during the 1990s and 2000s. Dan Vallor is your informed shepherd through recordings, lathe-cut and otherwise, from Dress, Entlang, The New Zealand Guitar Orchestra, Pit Viper, The Slow Scrape and others.

– An overview of the most mind-blasting VELVET UNDERGROUND bootlegs, from “Sweet Sister Ray” to “The Legendary Guitar Amp Tapes” to “Caught Between The Twisted Stars” and beyond. 10 pages on the best unofficial VU recordings outside of their core four albums, the post-breakup collections & the box set.

– Interview with CARLA DAL FORNO, the London-based Australian who’s created a couple of phenomenally icy, ultra-minimal electronic pop records in recent years, as well as having been a prime mover in DIY projects such as Mole House, F Ingers and Tarcar.

– Interview with Paul Messis of SUBURBAN HOMES, our favorite angst-ridden and fuzzed-out DIY punk band. He breaks the news that they’re no longer a going concern, and weighs in on social media, corporate garage rock, ennui and alienation and more.

– Overview of Los Angeles punk compilation LPs from 1978-1983: “15 LA Punk Comps That Made a Man Out Of Me”. We provide the lowdown on everything from YES LA to AMERICAN YOUTH REPORT to TOOTH & NAIL to LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL, SO WHY NOT EAT HEALTH FOODS, celebrating The Germs, The Minutemen and Red Cross along the way, while castigating the likes of China White and drippy Orange County punk turds.

PLUS: We declare our fealty to experimental dark folk group BRANNTEN SCHNÜRE (that’s them on the cover) & review a whole bunch of new records as well.

Order Dynamite Hemorrhage #6 here.

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