Dynamite Hemorrhage fanzine #5

Dynamite Hemorrhage #5Now that I’ve switched to the smaller-format, no-advertisements, black & white version of Dynamite Hemorrhage magazine, I’m finding it much easier to crank out new issues. So a mere four months after Dynamite Hemorrhage #4, I’m happy to announce the appearance of Dynamite Hemorrhage #5, which is available to order right here.

Here’s what you’ll find in the brand-new one, which is $5 + shipping anywhere in the world:

  • A deep overview of 1990s outsider label MAJORA RECORDS, featuring not one but two interviews with label founder Nick Schultz. Majora was a singularly unique record label that released strange musical transmissions from around the globe, including the bulk of the Sun City Girls’ work in the 90s, along with avant-folk, noise and fractured DIY from the likes of Dadamah, Leslie Q, Skullflower, Paris 1942, Eddy Detroit and others.
  • MAXINE FUNKE, a New Zealand-based solo artist who’s made some of the most transcendent, gentle, low- fidelity, super-minimal strum & voice recordings of the last decade. We’d never seen an interview of her anywhere before, and were happy to corral her for a talk on the eve of the release of her third album.
  • “PARALLEL WORLD PUNK-ERA 45s”. What if we just invented a ten-best list of punk-era 45rpm singles that never existed, but should have? This is a description of those ten records, and why each made the list.
  • Brief interview with the defunct 2011-2013 Brighton, England trio EDIBLE ARRANGEMENTS, my favorite Bandcamp discovery of all time. Methodically minimal, slow-grinding, spooky, church organ-driven DIY postpunk. See what happens when we try to get them to reunite.
  • HEMORRHAGE IN DUB column on recent finds & reissues from the 1970s golden era of Jamaican dub
  • 25 record reviews

Order Dynamite Hemorrhage #5 here.

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