DYNAMITE HEMORRHAGE fanzine #3 is coming together nicely.

I’m expecting it to be another 84-page or larger magazine, and current timeframe is June-ish, 2016. Perhaps earlier if we can swing it. Erika Elizabeth remains in the contributing editor’s chair, and so far we’ve got interviews with White Fence, Unit 4 and the Velvet Underground Appreciation Society on the way or in the can. More on the way.

See those fellas in the picture there? Those are the Desperate Bicycles. They are a – some would say the – UK DIY punk band of much renown, circa 1977-80.

If I could put together one interview with any band to round out this issue, it’d be them. They were notorious even back then for avoiding anything approaching the limelight, and they’ve done absolutely zero to capitalize on any posthumous interest in the band in the 35+ years hence. So I recognize my chances are exceptionally slim. But man, wouldn’t an interview w/ them be something worth reading, even if it was me asking a bunch of ham-handed questions?

Does anyone in the Dynamite Hemorrhage orbit know any of these four gentlemen? Or anyone in their social circle? Even Jon Savage said he couldn’t help me. Can you? Drop me a line at dynamiteh@outlook.com if so. I’ll put the odds at about 100-1 for this one.

Other people we’d like to interview for Dynamite Hemorrhage #3, and the odds of us actually finding them:

  • Kendra Smith (Opal/Dream Syndicate): 5-1
  • Sara, aka Sara Fancy (Amos & Sara/Sara Goes Pop): 10-1
  • Darby Crash: 100-1

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