The return of Final Sounds Radio, first show in six months….! Our 3rd edition breaks the already broken mold by focusing solely on Americana & Americans, from the 1920s to last year.

Country, folk, blues, showboating, drinking and hot-stepping patriots from the lower 48. Download it or stream it & take a load off for an hour, why don’t ya.

Download or stream Final Sounds Radio #3 on Soundcloud.

Stream the entire show on Mixcloud instead.

Track listing:

SUZI JANE HOKUM – Home (I’m Home)
DICK CURLESS – Loser’s Cocktail
JIM ED BROWN – Pop a Top
LEE HAZLEWOOD – Hello, Saturday Morning
ASA MARTIN & JAMES ROBERTS – Darling Nellie Gray
TOWNES VAN ZANDT – Sad Cinderella
RUTH GARBUS – Certain Kind
JULIE BYRNE – Melting Grid
SKIP JAMES – Hard Time Killin’ Floor Blues
SMITH CASEY – East Texas Rag
LIGHTNIN’ HOPKINS – Tim Moore’s Farm
DEBBY SCHWARTZ – Satan, You Brought Me Down
THE HAWKS – A Little More Wine My Dear
BLIND ROBERT WARD – The Voyage of Apollo 8
DANIEL BACHMAN – Song For The Setting Sun I

Dynamite Hemorrhage has returned to podcasting/phony-radio-show-hosting with the first FINAL SOUNDS radio show in six months. More to come very soon.

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