There’s a pair of previously unreleased – and really good – tracks from Dadamah out on Grouper’s Yellow Electric label that I can’t get enough of right now. Looks like this 7” has been out for a while, but only just came to my attention with the recent release of that Roy Montgomery comp, also on Yellow Electric. Initially, I sort of dismissed it, thinking that Dadamah’s music had already been pretty comprehensively compiled, and falling back on that old complacent rule that “previously unreleased” so often means “didn’t make the cut.”

Thankfully, haunting B-side “Absent and Erotic Lives” opened the latest Dynamite Hemorrhage podcast, and caught me off-guard. Metronomic rhythm and preoccupied guitar strums are definitely okay by me, but this track stands out by virtue of a building, anxious tension that haunts (with some help from those keyboards) even as it hypnotizes. With more of the same on the A-side, this turns out to be pretty ideal material for Yellow Electric.

Vinyl here. mp3 here.

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