Check out this well-pieced-together video that was just posted for AMY GASSNER’s 1979 “Brown Sugar”, a falling-apart ramshackle sexpot cover of the Stones, all cobbled together in the great Memphis falling-apart tradition.

“Recorded in the haze of 1979 and possibly under the influence of hog tranquilizers”.

Gassner was in THE KLITZ in the late 70s, Memphis’ first all-female punk band – and their posthumous 45 from last year is also essential listening.

Get Amy Gassner’s 45 here.


THE GERMS, live at San Francisco’s Mabuhay Gardens in 1978 doing “No God”.

The new Punk 45 Los Angeles comp has an interview with Chris Desjardins (Flesh Eaters, Upsetter Records, Slash magazine) in which he lists his favorite bands of the era. He lists The Germs “on record”, and makes a very clear distinction “…as opposed to their live show, which was hard to follow because Darby was always too drunk” (or something along those lines; don’t have the exact quote in front of me).

Pretty much why every Germs live record or tape I’ve had gets listened to once and then forgotten.


Just finished putting together our interview with Sara Fancy, aka Sara, aka Sara Goes Pop, aka one half of Amos & Sara – early 80s sub-underground UK DIY lounge pop from another dimension.

Tracking her down required some real internet sleuthing, but I’m really happy with how it turned out. This will be part of Dynamite Hemorrhage #3 fanzine, out in a couple months. In the meantime, take a listen to 1981′s “In a Hell-Bed” here.