SILVER SHAMPOO are a Texan band whom I’ve seen described as bubblegum biker punk; given their proclivity for biker imagery on their covers & in their lyrics, I think I can accept that. They’ve got an onrushing whoosh of big, ramalama-style sound, coated in a layer of poor fidelity and mega-amped guitar. The songs are exceptionally simple and straight-up, with weird time-signature changes and lots of blank space when the situation demands it. No other band sounds quite like this, and that’s why I like ‘em.

I was really into “Sonny Barger” on their debut 45 from 2010; this one, “Insect Eyes” is from 2011’s “Higher and Higher” LP. All Silver Shampoo songs have this odd quirk in which the singer follows the music with his lyrically enunciations; in other words, when the pitch changes on a riff, so does the vocal pitch, which follows that riff exactly. Total lack of imagination that only underscores how primitive and raw this stuff is. The cover of the album is pretty great as well – it’ll be too small to see on this post so I’ll post it in blazing color right after this.