A few weeks ago it looked like our interview with White Fence’s Tim Presley wasn’t happening, so I wrote up this review of his mind-expanding W-X release from late last year.

Then we talked and all was well, but I still had this review saying we weren’t gonna sitting there. So it’s now out of the upcoming magazine, and plopped here on the Dynamite Hemorrhage blog instead:

W-X – “W-X” LP/CD

Tim Presley from White Fence stands head & shoulders above most mortals in his ability to burrow into one’s brain with melodic, playful shards of psychedelia. When we look back at this most recent decade a few years hence, I think he’ll be recognized as a touchstone genius for his era the way Alex Chilton or Mark E Smith are for theirs. He was supposed to be featured in a big way this issue, actually, but somehow that fell apart. Next year in Jerusalem.

Meanwhile, Presley quietly put out a solo side project called W-X this year, and it indulges some of the man’s more outré leanings, calling to mind a guy with a laptop, a week with the deck cleared, and a brain bursting at the seams. W-X is less a disambiguated thread of electro-knob twiddling and is surprisingly a cohesive whole, especially when listened to in a single sitting.

Through a couple of tracks sound like White Fence compositions that
he simply couldn’t wait to get on the next album – especially the
massive “Steer Clear” – others are first-rate, non-dimensional bizarro
world creations like “Brazilian Worm Band”. I’d even venture that some
of this might even be suitable to soundtrack some of those “video games”
you kids are always yammering about. A delightful apéritif as we
collectively wait to dine at the next White Fence smorgasbord. (Castle
Face; castlefacerecords.com)
– Jay  


Dynamite Hemorrhage #66 back in the saddle with a wide-ranging show of sub-underground gakk, puh and twaddle.

You’ll hear new stuff from many of your current faves like THE STACHES, SOPHIE COOPER, BLACK ABBA, PUMICE, OCTAGRAPE, W-X and many, many more.

You’ll also hear rare and barely-tolerated library material from the likes of DICKLESS (pictured here, at their first show in ‘89 – “lucky me”, I was there), SACCHARINE TRUST, SMOG, THE GUN CLUB, SUGARSHOCK, WOODEN SHJIPS and more.

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Track listing:

THE STACHES – Crocodile
W-X – Clean It Glen
CHARLES HOWL – I Love You 47
NUMBERS – I Transfer
SUGARSHOCK – I Hate The Kids
BLACK ABBA – Put It In The Mail
DICKLESS – Sweet Teeth
SACCHARINE TRUST – We Don’t Need Freedom
VEGETABLE – Castration Frustration
THE VICTIMS – High School Girls
MANSION – The Third
OCTAGRAPE – Seizures
GUN CLUB – Devil In The Woods (1981 demo)
WOODEN SHJIPS – Shrinking Moon For You
PUMICE – Why I Chew My Sleeves
SMOG – Floating
SOPHIE COOPER – Klias Wetlands
WEYES BLOOD – Names of Stars
MARS – 3E (live)