I was always underwhelmed by the L-SEVEN 45 that hardcore-era Touch & Go put out in 1982 – mostly because, well, it wasn’t totally, totally ‘core. The label even tried to distance themselves from it a bit and released it on “Touch & Go Special Forces”, as a nod to the fact that this aggressive, druggy, hard-goth postpunk was in a different stylistic league from The Fix, The Necros and Negative Approach.

So it took me a couple of decades, but not long ago, I revisited the thing – maybe in a fit of Laughing Hyenas mania, whose Larissa Stolarchuk/Strickland was a prime mover in L-Seven – and it clicked. And remember, Touch & Go went on to put out a record by The Virgin Prunes, so they already had a little weirdo goth blood coursing through them. With thirty years and change worth of hindsight, I think we can agree that while the lone L-Seven 45 doesn’t quite touch the raw-throat genius of the label’s early hardcore records, it’s a first-rate pounder in its own right. And we wouldn’t even be making the comparison if this had come out on, say, 4AD or Rough Trade, now would we?


I made this compilation for my main blog The Hedonist Jive back in May of this year, and figured you folks might want to take a crack at hearing and downloading it. 

It’s called “Hedonist Jive Post-Punk Blowout” (clever, hunh?) and spans the proverbial gamut from aggressive, limber noise; female-vocal art-thump; left-of-center punk rock; and early British DIY (including that blog’s namesake song from The Midnight Circus). Some of these songs have been favorites of mine since I was a wee pup; other were only discovered in the past decade of so. All date from 1978 to about 1983 and fit the already loose “postpunk” category very loosely.

There are two ways to enjoy this playlist – download here and “own” the mp3s I’ve carefully handpicked for ya, or go over to the playlist I made on 8Tracks, and listen to it streaming on your iPhone, Android devices or your computer. Same songs both ways. 

Download The Hedonist Jive Post-Punk Blowout.


1. SPK – Contact
3. VIRGIN PRUNES – Twenty Tens (I’ve Been Smoking All Night)
4. BUSH TETRAS – Too Many Creeps
5. 2x4s – Zipperheads
6. THE POP GROUP – 3:38
7. THE MISFITS – Cough/Cool
8. AU PAIRS – Set Up
9. WIRE – Outdoor Miner
10. THE FLOWERS – After Dark
11. ½ JAPANESE – Girl Athletes
13. NOH MERCY – Caucasian Guilt
14. FLIPPER – Ha Ha Ha
16. THE HOMOSEXUALS – Technique Street
17. THE BIRTHDAY PARTY – Jennifer’s Veil
18. MIDNIGHT CIRCUS – The Hedonist Jive
19. THE GORDONS – Future Shock
20. PYLON – Cool
21. THE FALL – Eat Y’Self Fitter
22. SARA GOES POP – Arab o Habab of Arabia
23. REMA REMA – Rema Rema
24. TEDDY & THE FRAT GIRLS – I Owe It To The Girls
25. TUXEDOMOON – No Tears