LIME CRUSH – “Graveyard/Baby/Honk Tonk” 45

Not since Dirt Shit has a record
from Austria held our attention this long. Lime Crush are a loopy punk rock act
right out of the Kleenex/Liliput school of loopiness, and their debut single’s
a joyful jumble. Rubber band guitar, multiple female voices competing for
airspace and general WTF garage punk propulsion that’s anything but straight
ahead. There may even be a song about ping pong. Nothing sounds meticulously
planned nor rehearsed yet everything sounds right. A big 21st
century winner from Wien.

(Fettkakao; fettkakao.bandcamp.com)
– Jay



LIME CRUSH from Vienna, Austria – not even out yet, really. Fantastic loopy Kleenex-style gut-rush, soon to be on everyone’s Best of ‘15 list….

Stream it, download it or order the vinyl here.