This was a CD insert that was supposed to be on an aborted SALLY SKULL retrospective called “Skullduggery”. By aborted, I mean it never came out, and that 1994-97 Sally Skull stuff is still nearly impossible to find unless you drop a few bucks on one of their two 45s via Discogs.

Of course, you can get the entire backstory on this excellent raw garage/artpunk band via Dynamite Hemorrhage #1 fanzine, which has an interview w/ Claire & Saskia from the band.


I have spent a good part of this holiday break sick with a cold, and therefore catching up on home-based projects of a musical nature instead of shouldering my half of the parenting and whatnot. I have digitized a few records I’d recently bought, because I – sacre bleu! – don’t own a real turntable anymore, just one of those USB plug-and-burn things that allow me to turn vinyl into 1’s and 0’s.

I recently roasted up the 1995 Vesuvius Records 10"EP “IN SPELUNCA”, which I paid twenty bucks for in order to have the compleat works of all-female Scottish 90s lo-fi garage pop band SALLY SKULL in my┬ápossession. This was the capper, and it contains their first recorded song, “Raven”, which I’m posting for you here. It has a surprising sax addition and a more understated lo-fi bounce than their later two EPs. I hope ya like it.