Dynamite Hemorrhage Radio

Dynamite Hemorrhage Radio #83

With 82 episodes of tomfoolery behind me, I decided to “get serious” and play only top-shelf sub-underground rocknroll music this time, and put together a 1-hour set of total barnburners that I’ve got a hankering you’re gonna like.

With new material from LOS CRIPIS, bAd bAd, VIOLENT CHANGE, KATHARINE DALY, LIQUIDS, TIM PRESLEY and SUBURBAN HOMES, what’s not to like? I’ve filled in the gaps with crazed teenage riot material from CLONE DEFECTS (pictured), TEDDY & THE FRAT GIRLS, K4, SUN CITY GIRLS, DEAD C, DOW JONES & THE INDUSTRIALS and much, MUCH more. Please let me know what you think and send your song requests (no “Institutionalized” nor “Bitchen Camaro”, please!!) to dynamiteh@outlook.com.

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Track listing:

LOS CRIPIS – Way to Heaven
THE TYRADES – Detonation
LIQUIDS – I Killed Donald Trump
THE GIRLS – Methodist Church
CLONE DEFECTS – Low Fashion Lovers
THE GODRAYS – Boyscout Thriller
VACUUM – Kicks
bAd bAd – Eye Land
GROWTH – Black Tail
DEAD C – Mighty
K4 – Kiwi Animal

Dynamite Hemorrhage Radio

Dynamite Hemorrhage Radio #82

While the political world burns, Dynamite Hemorrhage Radio can remain your sub-underground port in the storm. The 82nd edition of the show brings some top-drawer new material from GROWTH, VELO, CHOOK RACE, CCTV, LIQUIDS, TIM PRESLEY and NO SISTER, along with new archival material from DOW JONES & THE INDUSTRIALS, ZERO CRAG and even MR. SCIENCE himself (pictured).

I also found time to painstakingly flip and sort through my mp3 collection, and pulled up stuff for you by DESPERATE BICYCLES, THE FIX, ½ JAPANESE, GREEN ON RED, ART MUSEUMS and more. Take a peek at this playlist and then push whatever buttons you need to get this thing going into your ear canals.

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Stream or download the show on Soundcloud.

Stream the show on Mixcloud.

Track listing:

GROWTH – Amanda
DOW JONES & THE INDUSTRIALS – Ladies With Appliances
MR. SCIENCE – Sociobiology
MARK WYNN – Real Sausages Made By a Real Butcher
CCTV – God’s Will
LIQUIDS – Take the Bait
ANGRY SAMOANS – Are You A Square
THE WHITEFRONTS – Get Out of the House or I’m Calling The Cops
TIM PRESLEY – Can You Blame
ART MUSEUMS – Dancing With a Hole in Your Heart
CHOOK RACE – Sun in Eyes
GREEN ON RED – Illustrated Crawling
ZERO CRAG – Push-Button Warfare
LEAVING TRAINS – Cigarette Motel
POSTURE – Janitor
VELO – Deal With It
½ JAPANESE – I Know How It Feels….Bad
THE FIX – No Idols
NO SISTER – This Heat


A few weeks ago it looked like our interview with White Fence’s Tim Presley wasn’t happening, so I wrote up this review of his mind-expanding W-X release from late last year.

Then we talked and all was well, but I still had this review saying we weren’t gonna sitting there. So it’s now out of the upcoming magazine, and plopped here on the Dynamite Hemorrhage blog instead:

W-X – “W-X” LP/CD

Tim Presley from White Fence stands head & shoulders above most mortals in his ability to burrow into one’s brain with melodic, playful shards of psychedelia. When we look back at this most recent decade a few years hence, I think he’ll be recognized as a touchstone genius for his era the way Alex Chilton or Mark E Smith are for theirs. He was supposed to be featured in a big way this issue, actually, but somehow that fell apart. Next year in Jerusalem.

Meanwhile, Presley quietly put out a solo side project called W-X this year, and it indulges some of the man’s more outré leanings, calling to mind a guy with a laptop, a week with the deck cleared, and a brain bursting at the seams. W-X is less a disambiguated thread of electro-knob twiddling and is surprisingly a cohesive whole, especially when listened to in a single sitting.

Through a couple of tracks sound like White Fence compositions that
he simply couldn’t wait to get on the next album – especially the
massive “Steer Clear” – others are first-rate, non-dimensional bizarro
world creations like “Brazilian Worm Band”. I’d even venture that some
of this might even be suitable to soundtrack some of those “video games”
you kids are always yammering about. A delightful apéritif as we
collectively wait to dine at the next White Fence smorgasbord. (Castle
Face; castlefacerecords.com)
– Jay  


I got my first taste of the new WHITE FENCE release this morning on my way to work, and I think it hangs well with his/their other ones. This one’s called “Cyclops Reap”, and if you think I’m damning it w/ faint praise, there’s probably some truth to that. Every album Tim Presley has put out to date has a frustrating hit-to-miss ratio, and is instead all about “feel”, with rare high-quality explosions into the psychedelic ether.

This new one’s a little more countrified than past efforts, but in general you’re going to get what you expect – loops, cut-ups, Syd-style spaciness, English 70s countryside DIY folk-strum, and a British accent most fetching for a guy from LA. I say check it out, and see if you can get down with it. I’ll give it another go on my way home as well. This one’s the track that starts it out, “Chairs In The Dark”.


The new WHITE FENCE album apparently ships next month, and maybe you’ve already heard his/their new track from it, “Pink Gorilla”. Slot halfway between Syd Barrett head-trips and Bill Direen acid-swirl improv pop. I’m totally jive to the bread this fella’s been cutting the past few years.


I’ve been acquainted with and a moderate fan of the records from Tim Presley’s WHITE FENCE, who records and resides in Los Angeles, but it’s only this past few weeks that I’ve crossed over from White Fence “enthusiast” to “fan”. What did the trick for me was multiple listenings to his/their first record from 2010, the eponymous “White Fence” on Make-A-Mess Records. If you haven’t heard this one yet and have spent more time w/ the Ty Segall collaboration and/or “Is Growing Faith” – or the even newer ones – I implore you to get going on this one posthaste.

“White Fence” is a trippy, warbly amalgam of Syd Barrett, Bill Direen & The Bilders and variety of 1960s thematic compilations, all set to crackle and fade and weird tape loops that sputter & cough many songs to premature ends. If you’re familiar with these comps, imagine a combination of deep 60s influences from “Highs In The Mid-Sixties”, “Chocolate Soup for Diabetics” and “Soft Sounds for Gentle People”. This modern flower child isn’t all throwback, though – it gets rough and raucous at times, most notably on a killer track called “Baxter’s Corner” that is full-on barking noise/panic rock fully of this era.

Turns out Presley’s so talented he’s even toured as a member of The Fall. I’d just retire right there, but this guy’s amazingly multi-talented and a far cut above most modern indie pretenders. Totally ready to call White Fence one of my favorite “bands”, a couple of years after everyone else started to.