The first and only time I saw THE SPITS was in 2003 in Seattle, having never heard nor heard of the band before this time. I wrote them up (and partially defamed and mocked them in the process) on my old blog Agony Shorthand, and was absolutely delighted when one of the band members got into a pissing contest with me in the comments section. So fun. Alas, those comments disappeared years ago.

Just so happens I glommed onto the band in the intervening years, truly discovering that they were an active punk rock powerhouse in 2012, when I wrote up this review on my other (still active) blog The Hedonist Jive.

Last night, I saw ‘em play for the second time at The Rickshaw Stop in San Francisco, from whence this 11-second video originated. Total blast. I threw all intelligence to the wind, dropped my knuckles to the floor and let it rip. I didn’t stagedive nor get into any fistfights, though others did, and why the hell not. Excellent ripsnorting 60-second robot punk, one right after the other, and worth almost every second of opening-band suffering/bleeding I had to endure to get to them.


Total minimalist electro-scuzz from a lost gluewave/punk act purportedly from LA called SPIDER, who released this one only a half-decade ago (2008) on a 6-song 12"EP. I need someone to tell me more about the glories of Spider. Did they ever play live? Is it true that this is a member of Seattle’s The Spits, a girlfriend, and a drum machine? Talk to me.