Well, this is something of a find – a good-quality audience tape of the very first FLESH EATERS show at Los Angeles’ Masque in December 1977…! Are you kidding me? I would have given my right arm for this thing at any point during the past 30 years, and it’s just been sitting there since May waiting for all of us to listen to it.

Thanks to Jon Hope for hipping me to this site Noise Addiction II – I’ve barely even dug through it yet and have already found that the site is just bursting with LA punk and oddities from the 70s and 80s. Don’t mind me, I’m over here shoving files into my piehole.

So the Flesh Eaters, in their very first show, still sound searing and raw on most tracks. This was from Chris D.’s “screaming” phase, which you can read him disowning in our own Dynamite Hemorrhage #1 fanzine, which has a lengthy interview with him about this era. The tape contains their cover of the Magic Band’s “Plastic Factory” as well as another cover I can’t place right now….can you? The tape cuts out just as the monstrous “Automaton Bombs” is just getting locked and loaded.

I can help a little with the song titling as well. Minus the one I don’t know, here’s what you’ll hear:

FLESH EATERS – live at the Masque, December 21st, 1977

  1. Disintegration Nation
  2. Agony Shorthand
  3. Police Gun Jitters
  4. Plastic Factory
  5. Achieve That Reject
  6. Brain Time
  7. title unknown
  8. Jesus Don’t Come Through the Cotton
  9. Automaton Bombs

Download the thing here.


I mistakenly kept calling this band “The Moles” on the latest Dynamite Hemorrhage Radio podcast, only to digital correct the historical record at the 11th hour. MOLE HOUSE are a Detroit-area band affiliated with the All Gone Records family, a collective that’s pushing out some of the best compromised-fidelity, devil-may-care, folk/avant-punk weirdo recordings on the planet right now.

This one comes from a tape of their bands – many of whom rotate through other All Gone bands – called “Worker’s Comp”. I think you’re going to like it.


Tape Two, by Priests

Tape Two, by Priests


I’d never even considered buying a bootleg anything before I found this tape, as a teenager, by THE CRAMPS in 1984 called “NY ‘79”. I felt pretty special at the time, like I had something super rare. Then when my Cramps-loving older cousin, whose music taste I idolized at the time, told me I was “rad” for having this and asked me to tape it for him – well, I was pretty on fire in my own head 29 years ago.

I digitized the whole thing for you – the live show that starts it off, and the studio demos that close it out. I made it all one continuous track (sorry), but you’ll want to listen to it in its entirety anyway. So no worries, right?

Some highlights include a killer studio version of “Weekend On Mars”, which is mostly known as a live song from the “Smell of Female”-era Cramps of the early 80s, and the amazing lead live song, “The Way I Walk”, a version that bests the studio version. Hope you enjoy it.

Download THE CRAMPS – “NY ’79” Bootleg tape

Track listing:

  1. The Way I Walk
  2. Everybody’s Moving
  3. Domino
  4. Rocket In My Pocket
  5. Human Fly
  6. Rockin’ Bones
  7. Teenage Werewolf
  8. Sunglasses After Dark
  9. Teenage Werewolf
  10. Twist & Shout
  11. Weekend on Mars
  12. Rockin’ Bones
  13. The Mad Daddy