Courtesy of my pal Chris, here’s a long-tail band from the CBGB golden era in New York circa 1976-80 called COME ON. Barely documented before their recent CD on Heliocentric (one 45 and that’s it), Come On musically straddled the Talking Heads-era NYC, the no-wave scene and the you-can’t-get-funky late 70s/early 80s rhythms of the Bush Tetras, ESG and Liquid Liquid.

The CD’s got its up and its downs; the live stuff veers a little too forward into what we now call overt “math” rock to no¬†apparent¬†purpose nor end. The singer’s often a dead vocal ringer for The Undertones’ Feargal Sharkey. And yet there are some stunners here that you know would have had your rump in the door and your feet on the floor. Makes it once again all too clear how New York was bursting at the seams with creativity and vision during this era.

This track’s called “See Me” and was a demo; very indicative of the collection so if ya like this you’ll like that.