It might be a little too reverentially 90s for my taste, with some baby-doll vocals that could probably go an octave deeper, but I kinda like PRISSY CLERKS’ debut LP “Bruised or Be Bruised”. They’re from Minneapolis, and put this one out this past December. If they’d have been a little more flannel-flyin’ and less cutie-pie I’d compare them to SWEARIN’, another recent band I sort of dig.

It’s a “big twee” sound, often on the Pavement/Breeders side of things, but just as often pretty roaring and splayed-out in garage/noise breakdown mode. See what you think about the title track here.


I’m still charmed and chastened by the amount of really fantastic music that comes out every month. You’d think the fount of rock and pop music would have run totally bone dry by now, right? You’d be wrong. Here are 21 modern assertions to the contrary, put together by me, for you, and available to listen on 8Tracks via your computer or mobile telephone. Just about everything came out in 2012, with maybe a song or two that I discovered in the past few months that came out a little earlier. You’re cool with that, I’m hoping.

Take a listen to “DISCONNECT YOURSELF” right here and let me know how much it’s enriching your life.

Track list:

1.     CRASH NORMAL – Moon Food
2.     USELESS EATERS – Daft Love
3.     SWEARIN’ – Hundreds & Thousands
5.     CHAPTER 24 – Spindle
6.     THE BLACK LIPS – Raw Meat
7.     HABIBI – Sweetest Talk
8.     PSYCHIC FELINE – White Walls
9.     THEE OH SEES – Flood’s New Light
11.   PAMELA – Coffin (Nails)
12.   APACHE DROPOUT – Archie’s Army
13.   JOYRIDE! – Person Place or Thing
14.   TERRY MALTS – Disconnect
15.   DEAD ANGLE – Why Don’t You
16.   PARQUET COURTS – Borrowed Time
17.   SIGHTLINES – Beautiful Girl
18.   WHITE FENCE – Growing Faith
19.   FLOWERS – Cut & Run
20.   USELESS EATERS – Year 11
21.   WEED HOUNDS – Beach Bummed


Anyone remember Soul Asylum? No one? Well, they were actually a pretty smokin’ band at one point in their career, and from 1986-88 or so, I saw them live nearly a dozen times. They had a second life in the 1990s as a sell-out MOR/Americana band and are primarily remembered as such, when they are remembered at all. They were an absolute powerhouse live during the time of their albums “Made To Be Broken” and “While You Were Out” – raw, loud, melodic but meaty Midwestern hair-flying indie rock. I can see Dave Pirner’s greasy hair in my face right now. Brrr. 

It’s probably a stretch to call New York’s SWEARIN’ an “heir” to Soul Asylum’s big-guitar 80s sound, but that’s what I’m hearing when I listen to their very solid album conveniently called “Swearin’”. Just swap out Pirner and put in a brash, confident female voice on most songs; then update the music with 25 years of “learning”, but still keep it in the Midwestern tradition of simple, hook-driven big guitar rock and roll. Usually a recipe for mediocrity, but definitely not here. Hell, the singer got herself into the New York Times a couple Sundays ago, along with her twin sister. They might be opening a Keith Richards tour, a la Soul Asylum, any day now. Listen to this song from this year’s record and let us know what you think.