These two jumbo music books are sitting on the nightstand, ready to be plowed through over the course of the winter.

There’s “SUB POP USA”, which has very little to do with the successful label of the same name and instead with the fanzine Sub Pop, or Subterranean Pop, which Bruce Pavitt published nine issues of from 1980-1983. I’ve never seen that mag before, but all 9 of ‘em are here. Pavitt then carried on with a column for Seattle’s free rocknroll rag The Rocket from 1983 to 1988, before ramping up the label. Those columns – and more – are all here as well.

The second book is the first printed matter from HoZac Books, and it’s called “NOISE IN MY HEAD: Voices From The Ugly Australian Underground”. It’s by Jimi Kritzler, and it documents the most recent 5-10 years of of Australian rock grunt. Everything from Total Control to UV Race to Fabulous Diamonds (yeah!) to a dozen others I’m not entirely familiar with. Yet.

I’ll emerge from the bed in 2015 to tell you about both books, all right? In the meantime, you can order each at the links.