Remember when we were talking about Chris D.’s STONE BY STONE the other day? Check out this June 24th, 1989 show in LA, and the band order. I moved out of Southern California back to San Francisco the week before this, where I continue to live to this day, but you best believe I would have been at this show had it been two weeks earlier.

Later that summer I saw Nirvana third on a bill, before Vomit Launch and Mudhoney, in San Jose. As it turned out, posterity will record the best band on this LA bill as beingĀ Claw Hammer, totally at their peak in mid-year ‘89.

(Flyer photo courtesy Chris Bagarozzi of Claw Hammer)


Since I never saw THE FLESH EATERS in their early 80s incarnation(s), getting to first a DIVINE HORSEMEN (‘86) and then a STONE BY STONE show in 1989 were big, big deals to me at the time. I was, and continue to be, a huge Chris D. worshipper, and though neither band floored me the way hearing the recently-deceased Flesh Eaters did when I got acquainted with them around 1985, their live shows were great.

Here’s a set list I swiped off the stage of Los Angeles’ Anti-Club when STONE BY STONE played there in ’89. It is effectively the entire contents of their one and only album, released on SST around that time.