TOMMY JAY is one of those legendary American rock underground heroes that we probably need to interview one of these days.

He typically takes a back seat to his pal and longtime collaborator Mike Rep, whom he’s recorded with in True Believers, Mike Rep & The Quotas and other fantastic Columbus combos – but not here. He’s front and center on “Bug Men”, which came out in 2010 on Siltbreeze’s “Skull Without Borders” comp, and which I think was recorded some time in the 1980s. Someone correct me on that if you would?


Definitely recommend this article on the “Phantom Billstickers” blog that explores how Tom Lax came to be the world’s premier archivist of New Zealand’s underground sound. His Siltbreeze Records, which has been putting out  weird art, punk, noise and trash from NZ (and points elsewhere) for over 25 years, is in the throes of a pretty deep New Zealand excavation programme right about now.

Read more in the article/interview here.