Remember our discussion the other day on 1980s New Zealand band THE KIWI ANIMAL?

Here’s a 9-minute 2002 film on that band’s Brent Hayward, called “Love Is A Painkiller: The Life and Times of Brent Hayward” you should check out.

It’s devoted more to the man’s film and performance art work and to his outsized personality than it is to his bands (among whom also number Shoes This High, Smelly Feet and Fats White), and is an insightful look at the sorts of gifted artistic characters nurtured in New Zealand over the last three decades.

Huge thanks to Orlando Stewart, who made this film as a student in 2002, and to Brendon Ross, who connected me with him.


This mix, available on Mixcloud as “…and the Maggots Dance, 1…2…3 from the Dead C’s Bruce Russell was made over two years ago on behalf of an online and terrestrial radio station and Flying Nun Records. It’s a selection of ultra-rare New Zealand small-indie label postpunk, punk and experimental rock music from the 1980s.

It’s, as Bruce says repeatedly on this nostalgia-laden, hour-long show, "phenomenal”.

He’s a terrific jockey of discs, and if anyone knows if he’s done any similar shows like this please let me know where I can hear ‘em.