You guys heard THE WIMPS yet? I’m pretty new to the cut of their jib, but I like what I hear. This song, “Slept In Late”, kicks off their debut LP “Repeat”.

Other parts of the record are more, uh, “angular” and have a wiry post-punk yet very snotty feel to them. Punkers. We love ‘em.


After posting the wall-pinning track “Muchos Dracula” from Seattle’s TEA COZIES for you yesterday, I decided to do a little back catalog digging on the band in order to provide you with a more rounded picture of this band. Like I said yesterday, their oeuvre goes back to 2006, and it looks like they’ve been laying pretty low for the last three years. Thankfully it’s all on Bandcamp so you can do your own exploring.

My take is that they’re probably peaking right now, because nothing, aside from a great, poppy 2008 45 called “Pretty Pages”, can touch their wild new track. Tea Cozies are rooted in post-punk gronk, along with glossy sheen of fairly indie-esque pop music, and in the right hands that could still be some dangerous stuff. Their album “Hot Probs” from 2009 is more like B- material, with several songs approaching the 6-minute mark and one chorus too many on the others. I’m all for seeing where they go next after this recent mp3 leakage. You still with me?


Check out this brand-new, massive, wall-of-wurlitzer floor-thumper called “Muchos Dracula” from a Seattle band called The TEA COZIES, who appear to have been around for some time now (since 2006 – like, ancient!). How come they never knocked on Dynamite Hemorrhage’s door before to tell us what they were up to? This’ll please indie kids, pop-leaning garage punks and maybe even folks who like to “dance”. 


Remember all the way back to last week, when we told you about Seattle’s ZEBRA HUNT and their free-to-download 7"EP on Bandcamp, and how it was a loud jangler of Byrds/Verlaines/Clean-like proportions, and how you probably needed to get over there and grab it before they took away the privilege? Here’s another track from it to help seal the deal.


You know how many bands aren’t particularly talented? This isn’t one of them. Seattle’s ZEBRA HUNT are a new trio with a big chunk of leg stuck in the harmonic mire of 1980s New Zealand (Verlaines in particular, with louder, more ringing guitar). There’s a little Byrds action and more rickenbackers than you can shake a clump of flowers at. 

Download their EP for free over on their Bandcamp page – it’s good.