What they call an “unofficial” – i.e. bootleg – release. “There’s a Monster In Me” might just be the greatest SCIENTISTS song they ever recorded, right up there with “Rev Head”, “Swampland” and “When Fate Deals Its Mortal Blow”. Hard to believe it took an unofficial 1985 release to bring it to the people.


I just got hipped to the brand-new howler from Columbus, OH’s SEX TIDE, and I’m pretty goddamned impressed. Their debut LP with the pleasant and very safe for work title “Flash Fuck” just came out, like, last week. The drummer and singer’s name is Aurelie. Whoa.

My first listen and a half through this thing unearths many markers of quality – the shambolic fuzz-command of The Scientists; the thudding 60s riffs of Pussy Galore; and a general loose-limbed aesthetic that comes either from lack of sleep, lack of practice or a studied improvisational nonchalance. I’m all over it. Maybe you will be too – check out “Laudanum” from the new LP here.


Awesome 1981 primal pound from Australia’s THE MOODISTS, treading very much in Scientists/Birthday Party territory without the screech of the former and the chaos of the latter.

“I Should Have Been There” is the B-side to their first 45, which came out on Au-Go-Go back when the world was young.