Severe twee alert!! TENDER TRAP are a fairly longstanding group of lasses from the UK whom I – always late to the party – discovered in the past few weeks. I’ve been in the process of researching SALLY SKULL, and found that Katrina Dixon from that band is now in this one. I’m trying to do what I can to raise Sally Skull’s internet presence to the extent that I’m able, and reached out to her to maybe do an interview or put out a CD or something. Let me know if you can tap her on the shoulder and ask her to return my email, OK?

While my sojourns through Tender Trap’s catalog are by no means complete, I’m liking what I’m hearing. Sunny with a side of feedback and grit. This one from 2010’s a little more bouncy and clever than some of the others and I’m pretty sure you’re going to like it quite a bit, starting right now.


The people have spoken. Here’s another track from the rare 1997 “Fractious” 7"EP by SALLY SKULL, one of the coolest pieces of vinyl I’ve discovered in some time. They were, by what rare accounts there are, a female-led UK garage punk band with a hankering for fuzz and an aversion to fidelity. This one’s called “Tear Out”. 


Here’s my latest mix up on 8Tracks called CHICK HABIT. It’s a collection of female-fronted masterpieces from the modern age, including stuff from the 60s, 70s, 90s and hell, even 2012. Everything’s got a little bit of harmony, a little bit of dirt, and a girl or a woman in the lead vocal position. Examples include Sally SkullWorld of Pooh and Holly Golightly. Fall in love all over again.


  1. SALLY SKULL – Running Kind
  3. WORLD OF POOH – Strip Club
  4. PAMELA – I’m Nobody (Cold Shoulders)
  5. HOLLY GOLIGHTLY – I Can’t Be Trusted
  7. CRACK UND ULTRA ECZEMA – Buddy’s a Good Boy
  8. LOVE IS ALL – Motorboat
  9. LORETTE VELVETTE – Boys Keep Swinging
  11. GAZE – So Early To Tell
  12. LES CALAMITES – Le Supermarche
  13. LUSH – Hey Hey Helen
  14. THE GORLS – Tracie
  15. THE NIXE – You Say
  16. THE SCHOOL – I Wouldn’t Know What To Do
  17. LINDA LAINE – Low Grades & High Fever
  18. HABIBI – Far From Right
  19. DETECTIVE AGENCY – Daggers
  20. APRIL MARCH – Chick Habit
  21. NANCY SINATRA – You Only Live Twice

Having only heard “The Running Kind” by SALLY SKULL for the first time a month ago, I’m still confident enough to anoint it one of the finest examples of low-fidelity explosive underground punk noise since “Mama Was a Schitzo, Daddy Was a Vegetable Man” – hell, since The Mods’ “Leave My House” maybe. 

Information on the UK’s Sally Skull is pretty hard to come by on the Internet. The record from which this was taken, a 4-song 7"EP called “Fractious”, was put out by Slampt Records, who appear to have been super-active UK leaders in the trashy post-riot grrl era of female vocalists, bad recordings, scattershot garage punk and inept sloganeering. I’ve heard Pussycat Trash, International Strike Force and few other very solid acts they put out, but nothing even touches this thing. The rest of “Fractious” is fantastic as well.

Huge kudos to our radio hero Erika Elizabeth, who answered the Dynamite Hemorrhage call and digitized her copy so we could be sharing this classic with you this afternoon.


In Search of Sally Skull

Listen, I’m no charity case, but if anyone knows how I can get my mitts on a digital track called “The Running Kind” by a 90s UK act called SALLY SKULL, I’d reciprocate with something cool in your inbox too. Apparently comes from a 1997 7"EP called “Fractious”, and it is one of the most boss, low-fidelity girl-group screamers I’ve ever heard.