SPRAY PAINT’s two 45s from 2012 were so hard to track down online – both in physical and digital formats – that the only way I’d heard this song, “Spock Fingers”, from their second single was on a radio show podcast (not mine). Today their new album hit the digital shelves, and the problem is rectified. I’m planning on listening to it on the drive home today, and will provide a full scene report on it posthaste (i.e after the weekend).


Exciting news to kick February off in fine style. One of the globe’s most smoking bands, Austin’s SPRAY PAINT, released their new album today – and for those of you who (unlike me) weren’t willing to pay through the nose for their two out-of-print and extremely limited 45s – you can now download both the new album and both singles for $9.99 on iTunes. I just did.

Naturally, there are still options available for vinyl and even CD lovers. 

SPRAY PAINT are a frantic, noisy, jittery, minimalist art/splatter/punk band who incorporate elements of The A-Frames, Urinals/100 Flowers, Minutemen and – of course – much of their own bag. I suspect that now than more than 300 people at a time can hear them, they’ll make more of the proverbial splash than they did this past year. Top up that iTunes account and check it out here.


S-S Records did the universe a real service by taking an edition-of-200 1981 Belgian cassette tape, the “FM-BX Society Tape”, and converting it into vinyl last year. The tape was released by a Belgium-based radio station back then, and hidden on it were one of the great all-female, achingly raw, postpunk DIY bands of the day – UNIT 4 – although no one heard ‘em at the time. S-S made sure that we did, now, thirty years later.

The tape/LP has four UNIT 4 tracks on it, and they give Kleenex a decided run for some new ink to be spilled on great European punk & postpunk of the early 80s. Burning out and fading away after recording only four songs, and then having those songs “discovered” again by record nerds thirty years later, has a way of ensuring an unspoiled legacy. See what you think by listening to “Rules” here. All four of their songs are outstanding.


One of the more phenomenal new bands of the last year is Austin, TX’s SPRAY PAINT. To date they’ve put out two 45s of minimalist, splattering art punk that follow and expand upon the Urinals/A-Frames model. This one’s “Pro Knife” from the first of the two singles, and came out last year.