The first and only time I saw THE SPITS was in 2003 in Seattle, having never heard nor heard of the band before this time. I wrote them up (and partially defamed and mocked them in the process) on my old blog Agony Shorthand, and was absolutely delighted when one of the band members got into a pissing contest with me in the comments section. So fun. Alas, those comments disappeared years ago.

Just so happens I glommed onto the band in the intervening years, truly discovering that they were an active punk rock powerhouse in 2012, when I wrote up this review on my other (still active) blog The Hedonist Jive.

Last night, I saw ‘em play for the second time at The Rickshaw Stop in San Francisco, from whence this 11-second video originated. Total blast. I threw all intelligence to the wind, dropped my knuckles to the floor and let it rip. I didn’t stagedive nor get into any fistfights, though others did, and why the hell not. Excellent ripsnorting 60-second robot punk, one right after the other, and worth almost every second of opening-band suffering/bleeding I had to endure to get to them.


Panic pop heaven last night in San Francisco at the Veronica Falls/Brilliant Colors/Golden Grrrls show at The Rickshaw Stop. Having missed the London-based Veronica Falls on numerous occasions when we were nonetheless in the same city, I’d been anticipating this one for a while, particular since I’m a major sucker for their Velvets-meets-Mamas & Papas 60s jangle/ultra-reverb/fast-strum sound. 

(Thanks to TheeBoyRacer for the photo of two members of Veronica Falls, by the way….my camera phone shots were atrocious). 

Glasglow’s GOLDEN GRRRLS were a spot-on, up-tempo C86 Shop Assistants-style Scottish pop trio, right outta the 80s and from Scotland to boot. Enjoyed them much more than the records I’ve heard thus far & therefore made a vow to check out their new Slumberland release a little closer.

BRILLIANT COLORS were similarly rising above expectations; I’ve always kinda liked their records, with the caveat that the vocals were a little too bathtub sing-songy and not particularly ear-pleasing neither…..and that reservation too was dashed when a nice level of mud was slathered on the mop-top female singer’s mic & they ripped through a rapid series of Buzzcockian 90-second smokers. There’s a dude in this band now; is that something new? Whatever, there’s a lot more heft here than Dynamite Hemorrhage had been aware of in the past.

VERONICA FALLS were every bit as good as I’d hoped, so we’ll call it a terrific night out. They spread the love around both their albums, mostly ignoring the minuscule amount of bum tracks they’ve written in favor of all their great ones, like the new “If You Still Want Me”, which I think might be the best thing they’ve ever done; “Right Side of My Brain”; “Come on Over” and even a encore featuring their first-45 cover of “Starry Eyes”.

It doesn’t do them many favors to call them a “pop” band, as I often do to differentiate them from, say, being a “punk” or a “garage” band. They’re loud, harmonic, fast, lean, tight, fetching, dissonant and pleasant as the day is long. I don’t reckon they’re in any danger of leaping into the mersh zone any time soon, as it’s pretty clear their roots are in the deep underground of post-punk, kiwi pop and the Velvets, and they’ve made no nods to anything approaching a quote-unquote sell-out to date.

Let’s give ‘em a big hand for that and hope they keep up the stellar work.