Listen Live to Ribbon Around a Bomb tonight…

I’m meeting and assisting DJ La Lengua for the first time tonight, as she’s graciously asked me over while she plays female-fronted punk rock on RADIO VALENCIA from 10pm-Midnight Pacific time tonight (that’s 1-3am on the US east coast, and a different time in other places). If all goes as planned it’ll be my first time on “real” radio since, yep, 1991 (as opposed to the phony radio I’m pumping out weekly now).

Since Ms. Lengua mostly plays 70s/80s punk on her show Ribbon Around a Bomb, I’ve prepared a set of obscure “90s punk” in which the XX chromosome rules. Listen online, via the Radio Valencia app – or via the podcast that’s sure to get posted in a week or two.

Listen Live to Ribbon Around a Bomb tonight…


Erin F./La Lengua, whom we now follow religiously on her killer Ribbon Around a Bomb online culture trove & punk rock radio show podcast, used to be a disc jockey on KCSB-FM in Santa Barbara, CA – just like me. Just 19 years apart from each other. The collection of insular radio nerds and music fanatics was her sorority, just as it was my frathouse.

She posted a misty-eyed review of her days there, along with a show you can listen to on “MySpace” (!). Check it all out here.


I’ve told you about the eye-popping, mind-jarring collection of images, videos and music available over on the RIBBON AROUND A BOMB site, curated by La Lengua and devoted to female-fronted punk, no wave and all manner of related cultural artifacts. She’s got a terrific radio show as well on San Francisco pseudo-pirate radio station Radio Valencia with her partner “DJ Ashtray” that’s remarkable in its breadth of femme-punk from the 70s, 80s & (rarely) beyond.

You gotta download the podcast of Show #23, which I just listened to. Mr. and Mrs. Lengua are in the studio with their daughter as she plays a variety of scorching, blinding and ear-throttling punk and postpunk (Slits, Au Pairs and Delta 5 all within a 10-minute block). Mrs. Lengua even gets a shout-out for turning her daughter onto punk rock, having been an original recipe X and Clash fan back in the proverbial day. 

These two young women, who normally curse like the merchant marine on shore leave, are on what must be their best behavior, and tone down their filthy toilet talk down to parentally-approved levels. It’s a great listen that even made me ponder whether I should have ignored Girlschool these past thirty years. Listen here.


Curated Chaos from Ribbon Around a Bomb

Somehow found this site whilst frolicking around the internet & it’s now bookmarked for some deep divin’. Ribbon Around a Bomb is a burgeoning multimedia empire helmed by La Lengua, and she’s pretty rad across the board. Her radio show and podcast is 100% female-fronted punk rock, postpunk and no-wave noise, and I swear, I don’t know how these youngsters know so much about music these days, but goddamn it, they do, and they’re doing laps around us. She’s got a lot to teach me about the past & the present, and indeed all of us.

Moreover, Ribbon Around The Bomb website’s sort of a modern primer on past & present outsider art, music, photography and style. It’s a visual onslaught of photos, links, flyers and all sorts of underground ephemera. I’m just getting really acquainted with it right now. Wanted to make sure you had a chance to do so as well – download a couple of radio shows and get clicking right here.

Curated Chaos from Ribbon Around a Bomb