This WILDHONEY song, as well as 2/3rds of this Baltimore quintet’s debut single that recently came out, is a massive wall of pop-drenched shoegazing interstellar overdrive. That means I like it, quite a bit. I’m pretty sure you’ll be busting a nut over this one too,


This is one of the great Texas psychedelic monster guitar freakout songs, “Yellow Listen” by SCORPIO TUBE. From 1967, it’s as heavy and druggy as they come; one of my all-time faves. 

You can listen to an entire compilation I made of this sort of sound right here.


This is an interview I did via mail with Japanese psychedelic speed freaks HIGH RISE back in 1993. Definitely one of the great lost-in-translation interviews I’ve ever seen, all modesty aside. All I did was ask the tough questions.

Fantastic band, too, if you’ve never heard their late 80s/early 90s material. Interview taken from SUPERDOPE fanzine #6, 1993.


This is a 1966 mod/psych/soundtrack-y pop song about gunplay from a woman named PATTI SEYMOUR called “The Silencer” that I’ve been digging for years. It sounds like something from a Bond soundtrack, wouldn’t you agree?

Can’t even remember how I stumbled upon this mp3, but if you look hard enough on the interwebs I’m sure you’ll come across it. 


From 1973, this 45 by French-speaking Canada’s MADELINE CHARTRAND is a hippie singalong global psychedelic lovefest of the highest order. We use the term “earworm” here pretty frequently, but since this song relies on repetition and chanting to snake its way into your cranium, it’s almost quasi-religious in its ability to get in your head and STAY there for a week at a time. Enjoy!