Streaming edition…..

Third edition of Dynamite Hemorrhage Radio podcast, recorded on the last day of 2012 as a musical gift to the people of 2013. Just over an hour of grit, garage, pop, punk, noise and low-fidelity whoseewhatsis from around the globe. Featured artists this week include Spray Paint, Pamela, Royal Trux, Barbara Manning, Tales of Terror, The Flesh Eaters, Les Blousons Noirs and more.


If you’re feeling like getting a little in touch w/ your softer, more twee side I’ve got a helluva killer song for you this afternoon. It’s called “P.E.I.” and it’s by Vancouver’s PUPS. They’re not even at the vinyl stage yet but have two songs you can download over on their Bandcamp page

The draw for you pop lovers might be the fact that a woman named Rose Melberg is in the band. I recall seeing her in Sacramento’s TIGER TRAP back in the early 90s, and being more excited about them being from Sacramento (my childhood hometown) than their music – but what does a knuckle-dragger like me know, right?


FREELOVE FENNER, who are you? This track, “Vicky’s Day” leads me to believe you’re an extremely reverant group of early 80s UK lo-fi, minimalist pop fiends who’ve put your studied learnings onto vinyl and digital. I’m all in. 

I checked ‘em out, and they’re a trio – fairly longstanding at that – from Montreal. There’s a nice history to dig into this weekend – let’s hope they’re all as pleasing as this one.