Dynamite Hemorrhage Radio #41, broadcasting from a cramped bedroom in Oslo, Norway, is now on the proverbial air – and is available for streaming or download in all the usual places. We attempt to explore all nooks and crannies of the sub-underground rocknroll music “scene”, and to that end, we think we were fairly successful in this forty-first edition of the pod. 

You’ll thrill to new sounds from THE NOTS (pictured), CCTV, COLD BEAT, ROACHCLIP, USELESS EATERS, SEX TIDE, PIECE WAR and several more of your new favorite bands. You’ll gasp at reissues from X__X, Monkey 101 and The Spies. You’ll start stocking your Paypal accounts for rare records from The Petticoats, Fireworks and the Desperate Bicycles. And you’ll weep when you hear just how good “fogey rock” like Alex Chilton, Green on Red and True Westsounds when sandwiched between some of today’s hottest young hitmakers.

I invite you to get this thing while it’s fresh, new and maybe – just maybe – the best 70 minutes of music ever assembled in one place. 

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Track listing:

C.C.T.V. – Mind Control
PIECE WAR – We Are At War 
MONKEY 101 – I Wait in the Ground
ROACHCLIP – Master’s Den
TRUE WEST – Lucifer Sam
NICE STRONG ARM – Life of the Party 
THE SPIES – The Star and Us
BO-WEEVILS – That Girl
FIREWORKS – Silver Moon
X__X – Dolly Boy (live)
SEX TIDE – Never Get To You
SLOTH – Fetch The Wedge
ALEX CHILTON – Hook or Crook 
GREEN ON RED – Death and Angels
MEN OH PAUSE – Tight Chest

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The one-woman, 1980 UK “band” THE PETTICOATS put our their/her only 45 on the Blah Blah Blah label, and it’s a masterpiece of frantic, buzzing DIY punk. Definitely something the fell below the radar for most of us for many years; I never even heard mention of the single until a little over a decade ago, when the song “Normal” made it onto a Killed By Death comp and a bootleg called “Instant Pop Classics”. 

Later, Times New Viking covered this one, “Allergy”, and I think it’s my favorite of the three mindblowers on Stef Petticoat’s single. Share this around with yr pals – they’ll thank you for it.


I reckon this fanzine has been out now for a year, but MAKING WAVES #1 just arrived in my mailbox over the weekend and looks to be a first-rate read. It’s focused on female-fronted punk and post punk, primarily of the 70s/80s, with Stef Petticoat, Alice Bag, Dolly Mixture and Kleenex/LiliPut among the interviewees. I’ll let you know how it goes.

Meanwhile, you can order you own printed copy, download a PDF, and/or check out a mix that Camille and Mary made for you right here.


It’s not easy curating a definitive selection of the best sub-underground, late 70s UK 45s and comp tracks from the heyday of do-it-yourself record making, but I’ve put together a start. I’ve culled my newest 8Tracks mix, “SUB-UNDERGROUND UK DIY” from multiple sources: the “Instant Pop Classics” comps, various internet downloads, “Messthetics” and my own collection. Just like the compilation I posted yesterday of female-fronted riot grrl/garage punk, it’s available right now to listen to on computers, smartphones and tablets. 

Outside of the fairly-well-known (such as it is) DIY pioneers like The Desperate Bicycles and Animals & Men, most acts on here are ultra-obscure and maybe only lasted for one 45 or a couple of compilation tracks, sometimes only on cassette. 23 tracks in all. Most given to that tinny, experimental, slipshod and faraway sound that characterizes the best of the best of this posthumously-defined genre.

Come listen to "SUB-UNDERGROUND UK DIY" here.


  1. DESPERATE BICYCLES – Smokescreen
  2. ANIMALS & MEN – Don’t Misbehave In The New Age
  3. MIDNIGHT CIRCUS – The Hedonist Jive
  4. I JOG & THE TRACKSUITS – Redbox
  5. DEVIL DYKES – Fruitless
  6. BEYOND THE IMPLODE – Lassitude
  7. STEVE TREATMENT – Danger Zone
  8. METROPAK – OK Let’s Go
  9. SCISSOR FITS – I Don’t Want To Work For British Airways
  10. BONA DISH – Mutation
  11. DESPERATE BICYCLES – The Medium Was Tedium
  12. ANOREXIA – I’m a Square
  13. DANNY & THE DRESSMAKERS – Don’t Make Another Bass Guitar Mr. Rickenbacker
  14. THE PETTICOATS – Normal
  15. REFLECTIONS – 4 Countries
  16. SCRITTI POLITTI – Is & Ought The Western World
  17. SUBVERSE – Chance Romance
  18. TRONICS – Shark Fucks
  19. BEARZ – She’s My Girl
  20. ANOREXIA – Pets
  21. BASE – One Way Girl
  22. GERRY & THE HOLOGRAMS – Gerry & The Holograms
  23. WAVIS O’SHAVE – Mauve Shoes Are Awful

One of the great English DIY vinyl artifacts of all time, from THE PETTICOATS on her one and only 7"EP from 1980. Yes, it was a her, not a they – Stef Petticoat, to be precise. She said on the record itself that it “…contains 3 B-sides. Play loud”. Oh, you will.