The paisley underground is alive and well in Seattle, Washington, where LA LUZ are proving themselves to be the melodic, organ-driven psych/surf heirs to Kendra Smith, David Roback and, what the hell, Annette Zilinskas.

I’m loving the new “It’s Alive” album. Seriously, put a dirty surf guitar sheen over “Explosions in the Glass Palace” or “Happy Nightmare Baby” and you’ve got this record. I’m not sure anyone’s been able to successfully evoke that sound for thirty years the way these women have.

Get it from their label, Hardly Art, here.


TRUE WEST were an early 80s Sacramento-based band conveniently (and not totally undeservingly) lumped in w/ the roots-Americana and paisley underground scenes of the time.

Their first EP from ‘83 was pretty stellar through and through, and features a cover of Pink Floyd’s “Lucifer Sam” that’ll knock you clean across the room. Just press the play button and you’ll see what I mean.