Following other stellar. top-to-bottom excellent pure-pop LPs I’ve totally fallen for this year by Veronica Falls and La Luz, the debut LP “Floristry” from Dunedin, New Zealand’s TRICK MAMMOTH is my new saccharine ringer.

I’m not sure if it’s more first-LP Teenage Fanclub or entire-career Look Blue Go Purple but their record’s absolutely worth a pickup if any of the aforementioned get your proverbial motor running. Meanwhile, here’s a video of the band live in NZ.


This mix, available on Mixcloud as “…and the Maggots Dance, 1…2…3 from the Dead C’s Bruce Russell was made over two years ago on behalf of an online and terrestrial radio station and Flying Nun Records. It’s a selection of ultra-rare New Zealand small-indie label postpunk, punk and experimental rock music from the 1980s.

It’s, as Bruce says repeatedly on this nostalgia-laden, hour-long show, "phenomenal”.

He’s a terrific jockey of discs, and if anyone knows if he’s done any similar shows like this please let me know where I can hear ‘em.


DADAMAH were an experimental, neo-psych New Zealand band from the early 90s who had a brief but excellent catalog of recordings that straddled “traditional” Kiwi Velvets-style sounds with a more radical and outward-expanding approach. Roy Montgomery, who both before and after this band recorded many fine works of musical art, was a member. He’s the tall fella, third from the left here.

Somewhere in my tape drawer I found a recording of the band playing live in Christchurch, New Zealand in 1991. Full set, never before released to the world. I thought you might want to hear it, so I digitized it for you this weekend.

Download DADAMAH – Live in Christchurch, NZ 1991