I was always underwhelmed by the L-SEVEN 45 that hardcore-era Touch & Go put out in 1982 – mostly because, well, it wasn’t totally, totally ‘core. The label even tried to distance themselves from it a bit and released it on “Touch & Go Special Forces”, as a nod to the fact that this aggressive, druggy, hard-goth postpunk was in a different stylistic league from The Fix, The Necros and Negative Approach.

So it took me a couple of decades, but not long ago, I revisited the thing – maybe in a fit of Laughing Hyenas mania, whose Larissa Stolarchuk/Strickland was a prime mover in L-Seven – and it clicked. And remember, Touch & Go went on to put out a record by The Virgin Prunes, so they already had a little weirdo goth blood coursing through them. With thirty years and change worth of hindsight, I think we can agree that while the lone L-Seven 45 doesn’t quite touch the raw-throat genius of the label’s early hardcore records, it’s a first-rate pounder in its own right. And we wouldn’t even be making the comparison if this had come out on, say, 4AD or Rough Trade, now would we?


Back with yet another hour-long radio programme, recorded at home on a laptop. We call it Dynamite Hemorrhage Radio. Every few weeks I save a bunch of righteous songs I want you to hear in a file folder on my laptop, then I unleash them upon you in a logical, carefully-curated order, with spoken interludes full of important discographical information and far too much navel-gazing reminiscing to be healthy (or interesting). 

This show, Dynamite Hemorrhage Radio Podcast #18, features some new releases by CONSTANT MONGREL, SKINNY GIRL DIET and the OCCASIONAL FLICKERS, as well as host of underground and obscure releases from the past forty years by The Piranhas (pictured here as they were back in 2000), Deep Wound, Detective Agency, The Wilderness Children, 8 Eyed Spy, Mondo Guano, The Coachwhips, Delmonas, Whitefronts and many more. Songs I like. Songs I want you to like.

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Track listing:

THE WHITEFRONTS – Get Out Of The House Or I’m Calling The Cops
CONSTANT MONGREL – Under Collar (Little Boys)
THE PIRANHAS – Piranhas Attack
FIERY FURNACES – Straight Street
SKINNY GIRL DIET – Dimethyltyptamine
39 CLOCKS – Psycho Beat
PRESSLER-MORGAN – You’re Gonna Watch Me
MONDO GUANO – Deadwood
8 EYED SPY – Motor Oil Shanty
OCCASIONAL FLICKERS – Capitalism Begins At Home
THE WILDERNESS CHILDREN – Plastic Bag From Tescoes
THE DELMONAS – Dr. Goldfoot & His Bikini Machine
COME ON – See Me
THE COACHWHIPS – Couldn’t Find Love 
DIE KRUEZEN – Conditioned
THE NECROS – Sex Drive
DEEP WOUND – Lou’s Anxiety Song


Just received one of those newfangled cassette-transfer contraptions in the mail recently, one of those things that lets you take ancient cassette tape recordings and transfer them into new, improved digital versions. Even figured out how to use it. Just in the nick of time, too – I mean, I have a garage full of 1980s mix tapes, live show recordings, and radio shows I once did in college moldering and decaying. Another year or two and they’d be sawdust. This post is the first of several rescue/reclamation projects.

On June 14th, 1989, a 21-year-old version of me did his final “White Trash” radio show on KCSB-FM in Santa Barbara, CA, as he graduated from college that very week. It was taped, and after festering in aforementioned garage for 24 years, was transferred this evening and uploaded for what interested parties there might be to then download and listen to. Having listened to the tape for the first time in at least 20 years before digitizing it tonight, it naturally brings forth much embarrassment – so please humor me and let me add a few careful disclaimers in case you wanna listen to it (and you should – the music is smokin’). 

After doing a radio show at KCSB for four years, and having had access to all the records in their library (and being a rabid music hound/record collector of the most obsessive order), I got to be fairly knowledgeable in the limited punk rock/heavy underground rock genres I’d permitted myself to like. My dismissive, albeit very studied, insecure cockiness is on display in this show. I’m not sure I’d actually like this DJ right now as a human being if I was hearing him on the radio for the first time. Though I love every song I played in this, “My Top 40 favorite songs of all time” show, I can’t believe how dudely it all is. For the 1989 version of me, it was all dudes, all punk, all raw and all aggressive. The only chicks allowed were those rare cool ones from The Bags, The Avengers and Sonic Youth. That’s it. The Fall sucked already, and The Lazy Cowgirls were the best live band in the world.

It’s also preposterous that someone with such a limited musical life experience and frame of reference could even deign to determine a 40-greatest-songs-of-all-time list. As you might expect, approximately 37 of mine came from the 1980s. One of the highlights/lowlights of this show is the recording that starts the show, a nervous, mealy-mouthed 16-year-old me doing a “guest DJ” slot on KFJC (on the “Ransome Youth Show”) in 1983. Then the 21-year-old me mocks him mercilessly, with all the wisdom and experience that 5 years of perspective and deep life experience brings. 

Now that I’m doing a fake radio show podcast here in 2012/2013 – Dynamite Hemorrhage Radio  – I was startled to see some identical on-air back-announce mannerisms crop up from ‘89 that mirror the blather I’m doing today. Hopefully you’ll enjoy forty dudely 70s/80s songs from the likes of The Pagans, Mudhoney, Black Flag, Scratch Acid, Die Kruezen, Electric Eels and more. I have even worse shows sitting in the garage ready to be rescued and maybe even posted at a later date. 

Download “WHITE TRASH” Radio, June 14th 1989, KCSB-FM