Action, time and vision take center stage in the 30th edition of Dynamite Hemorrhage Radio, a bi-weekly music podcast featuring only good music from the past fifty years. This week we debut some new material from MANE, HOUSEHOLD, PAMPERS, ROACHCLIP and GROWTH, as well as “catalog” tracks from spectacular bands like The Sperm Wails, Cheater Slicks, Angst, Modern Lovers, Methodishca Tune (pictured),Animals & Men, Johnny Hash and much more. I can’t imagine that you wouldn’t like it.

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Track listing:
ANGST – Neil Armstrong
PAMPERS – Eruptions
LEAVING TRAINS – Cigarette Motel
LA PESTE – Don’t Wanna Die In My Sleep Tonite
JOHN HOVORKA – The Price of the Truth
ANIMALS & MEN – Don’t Misbehave In The New Age
MANE – Bloostone
STEPPING TALK – Health and Safety
THE LIMES – Rusty Old Clock
CHEATER SLICKS – Feel Free (demo)
JOHNNY HASH – Pink Lunchbox
BLUE – G’me More
A-FRAMES – Test Tube Baby
ROACHCLIP – Government Phone
MODERN LOVERS – Wake Up Sleepyheads (live)
DOLLY MIXTURE – How Come You’re Such A Hit With The Boys, Jane?
HOUSEHOLD – Calculations
SPERM WAILS – The Golden Age of the Casual 

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39 CLOCKS were a Hanover, Germany duo recording in the early 1980s who slot extremely well into the post-Velvet Underground continuum. Hackamore Brick, Modern Lovers, Pere Ubu, Suicide – there are elements of all in 39 Clocks’ sound, especially on their terrific “Pain It Dark” LP from 1981.

They don’t show up in conventional narratives of post-VU leaves and branches, and hey, it may be because of their somewhat gothic, metronomic, dare I say “teutonic” sound. See what you think by listening to the track that kicks off the LP, “Shake The Hippie”. (there are even better tracks – listen to my podcast #18 for the amazing “Psycho Beat”).