I’ve been on a bit of a bender this year listening to sparse, cracked and echoey female folk/strum in the SIBYLLE BAIER / VASHTI BUNYAN mode, and my favorite discovery this side of MAXINE FUNKE is my most recent one – JULIE BYRNE.

Byrne is actively recording and touring, like, now. She’s the most Baier-like of them all, while retaining her own minimalist approach to ghostly closet folk, veering off into non-guitar experimental pieces at times as well. Start with the semi-recent 45 “Melting Grid” and the LP “Rooms With Walls and Windows” and go from there.

When I resuscitate Dynamite Hemorrhage Radio (soon) I’ll be playing Ms. Byrne and some of her progenitors. Until then – please listen here.


New dose of frantic punk panic, spectral avant-folk, reissue mania and sideways sub-underground rock and roll of many stripes. It’s Dynamite Hemorrhage #55, back after a 5-week absence. 

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Here’s what you’ll hear over the course of 74 minutes:

  1. PINK SECTION – Midsummer NY
  2. URANIUM CLUB – The Collector
  3. ANGRY ANGLES – Apparent/Transparent
  4. YAKKS – Sonja is a Racist
  5. SPRAY PAINT – Pro Knife
  6. ZODIAC KILLERS – Nazi Interrogation
  7. MARS – Puerto Rican Ghost
  8. THE SHIFTERS – Tel Aviv
  9. SPK – Contact
  10. SIX IMPOSSIBLE THINGS – Moderation
  11. WORLD OF POOH – Squirm Test
  12. ERASE ERRATA – My Life In Shadows
  13. BRONCS – Tele-K-Killing
  14. BIZARROS – Nova
  15. SHOCK – New Wave Rock
  16. SOCK PUPPETS – I Blame Gravity
  17. LUNG LEG – Theme Park
  18. WHITE FENCE – Like That
  20. MAXINE FUNKE – Secondhand Store
  21. MYRIAM GENDRON – Bric-a-Brac
  22. WEYES BLOOD – Bad Magic
  23. LITTLE CUTS – Bishop Eyes

Some past shows: