Dynamite Hemorrhage Radio

Dynamite Hemorrhage Radio #82

While the political world burns, Dynamite Hemorrhage Radio can remain your sub-underground port in the storm. The 82nd edition of the show brings some top-drawer new material from GROWTH, VELO, CHOOK RACE, CCTV, LIQUIDS, TIM PRESLEY and NO SISTER, along with new archival material from DOW JONES & THE INDUSTRIALS, ZERO CRAG and even MR. SCIENCE himself (pictured).

I also found time to painstakingly flip and sort through my mp3 collection, and pulled up stuff for you by DESPERATE BICYCLES, THE FIX, ½ JAPANESE, GREEN ON RED, ART MUSEUMS and more. Take a peek at this playlist and then push whatever buttons you need to get this thing going into your ear canals.

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Track listing:

GROWTH – Amanda
DOW JONES & THE INDUSTRIALS – Ladies With Appliances
MR. SCIENCE – Sociobiology
MARK WYNN – Real Sausages Made By a Real Butcher
CCTV – God’s Will
LIQUIDS – Take the Bait
ANGRY SAMOANS – Are You A Square
THE WHITEFRONTS – Get Out of the House or I’m Calling The Cops
TIM PRESLEY – Can You Blame
ART MUSEUMS – Dancing With a Hole in Your Heart
CHOOK RACE – Sun in Eyes
GREEN ON RED – Illustrated Crawling
ZERO CRAG – Push-Button Warfare
LEAVING TRAINS – Cigarette Motel
POSTURE – Janitor
VELO – Deal With It
½ JAPANESE – I Know How It Feels….Bad
THE FIX – No Idols
NO SISTER – This Heat


I ordered the excellent “Singles – But They’re Not Really Singles, I Just Sent Them to the Screen and Said They Were Singles” CD by Mark Wynn and got it in the mail this week, along with this personal letter from Mr. Wynn himself.

You may have enjoyed his track “Rip Off The Fall” on Dynamite Hemorrhage Radio #81, perhaps. There’s more where that came from.

I believe the Lee Marvin reference is with regard to “Point Blank”, the excellent 1967 film that has several of its key scenes in San Francisco, where I live.