THE GERMS, live at San Francisco’s Mabuhay Gardens in 1978 doing “No God”.

The new Punk 45 Los Angeles comp has an interview with Chris Desjardins (Flesh Eaters, Upsetter Records, Slash magazine) in which he lists his favorite bands of the era. He lists The Germs “on record”, and makes a very clear distinction “…as opposed to their live show, which was hard to follow because Darby was always too drunk” (or something along those lines; don’t have the exact quote in front of me).

Pretty much why every Germs live record or tape I’ve had gets listened to once and then forgotten.


This is a bit of an eye chart, but worth a look.

“Top 10s” from various San Francisco Bay Area record stores and punk/new wave-friendly radio stations from 1978, all put together a means to advertise punk rock shows at The Mabuhay Gardens.

I vote for Aquarius Records’ and KALX’s “Offbeat Hour” lists (except for The Clash – gross)


There’s a “Fab Mab” group over on Facebook devoted to the glory days of San Francisco punk rock and, specifically, The Mabuhay Gardens club on Broadway.

Here are two flyers folks posted over there, showing the breadth and weirdness of the day. Roy Loney and the Phantom Movers (ex-Flamin’ Groovies) with opener Black Flag (!!?!). One can only imagine.

Then there’s these back-to-back bills at the American Indian Center at 14th and Valencia, where I believe an artisanal french toast restaurant now stands (no joke). One night it’s the Circle Jerks; the next night it’s Canned Heat. The hippies hadn’t shuffled off San Francisco’s mortal coil just yet to make way for the punx, and it looks like venues were trying their best to turn a buck or two from both camps.