OK, brand-new 8Track mix has been completed and is live for you to listen to right now on yer computer or smartphone. It’s all-female, super uptempo 1990s low-fidelity bashing, which loyal Dynamite Hemorrhage readers know is one of our musical calling cards. I’m calling it “Object To I-Dent”, after the Pussycat Trash song included in this mix. Whatever that means. Sounds gnarly.

Half of the 17 songs here come from the riot grrl primordial swamp, the other are rooted more in learning-to-play, third-wave garage punk. Where you draw the line is up to you. You’ll hear quality entertainment from a variety of whooping and screeching young women plying their rough trade two decades ago. I’m especially proud that it’s 17 songs in 27 minutes. Pure blitzkrieg.

Come listen to “Object To I-Dent” here


  1. SALLY SKULL – Tear Out
  2. PUSSYCAT TRASH – Object To I-Dent
  3. SKINNED TEEN – Dance All Night
  4. THE RONDELLES – Backstabber
  5. BUDGET GIRLS – French One
  7. LUNG LEG – Theme Park
  8. MAN TEE MANS – Man Tee Mans (Theme)
  9. HENRY’S DRESS – Zero Zero Zero
  10. SKINNED TEEN – Secrets
  11. MICRAGIRLS – Neki
  12. GOLDEN STARLET – Boy Scout Club
  13. THE GORLS – Tracie
  14. THE RONDELLES – Safety In Numbers
  15. PUSSYCAT TRASH – 1,2,3,4
  16. KITTY CAT SPY CLUB – The Searcher
  17. LUNG LEG – Rock Song

I made my way through most of the catalog of Scotland’s LUNG LEG this past week, after tracking chunks of it down and ordering it for home and in-car consumption. Lung Leg were an all-female mid-90s garage pop band with what you might call “post-Riot Grrrl” tendencies and an embrace of angular, off-beat rhythms, some shouting and bellowing, and some kitsch. As has been the case recently with many of these mid-90s acts I ignored or passed over at the time, I discovered Lung Leg via the eye-opening Expressway To Yr Skull radio show, which you can download episodes of right here.

Not all of the band’s stuff connects entirely well, but very little of it was boring or blasé. Some of it’s a real blast, miles ahead of more popularly-recognized hard-edged US riot grrl-esque pop bands of the era, and right in there with frantic & fun acts from this time like The Rondelles and Henry’s Dress. In fact, different as they all are, that would have been a hell of a triple bill in 1996. I probably wouldn’t have gone then, because I was sooooo goddamn cool. Not anymore. This one’s called “Theme Park”. Full knobs-to-11 all the way.