I’ve been in a giving mood this week. First there was this FLESH EATERS tape. Then I bestowed upon you this 1976 PERE UBU tape. Then I gave you the blessed gift of my podcast/radio show. Now I would like to present you with a top-dog live tape of THE LAZY COWGIRLS, playing at Maxwell’s in Hoboken NJ on November 5th, 1988.

I wasn’t there, but this was in the era in which I saw every one of the band’s west coast shows. They were hitting especially high gear around this time, after they’d put out “Third Time’s the Charm” but before “How It Looks, How It Is”. The Cowgirls were such a juggernaut of a live band. I’m not sure how well it translates for people now; I’ll always be tainted by memory and by the formative nature of the years in which I saw them play a couple dozen times.

Anyway, I want you to hear it, for it is good.

Download THE LAZY COWGIRLS – live at Maxwell’s; Hoboken NJ 11-5-88