UPSETTER fanzine #2, 1978. This was put together in Los Angeles by Chris D. (Flesh Eaters), Judith Bell and Exene Cervenka.

You can read all about it in Dynamite Hemorrhage print fanzine #1.

I was surprised during my interview with Chris D. in said fanzine that Upsetter even existed in magazine form, and if you happen to have a copy you could “loan” me, that’d be real great.

(By the way, this image and many other fanzine stunners can be found at Ryan Richardson’s excellent Fanzine Faves – check it out).


This is a photo of ARTHUR J & THE GOLD CUPS live in Los Angeles at the Masque 1978, taken from a very early issue of Flipside. They never recorded, but they frequently turn up in descriptions of wild Masque life.

Description of the band, courtesy of Stompbeast blog:

Depending on who you talk to this was a pioneering “punk rock big band” who was 20 years ahead of its time or a “godawful” absurdist joke. Name came from an amalgam of infamous local haunts for male hustlers: Arthur J.’s was a “big chicken hawk hangout” on the corner of Highland and Santa Monica Boulevard; The Gold Cup was “a sleazy coffee shop” located on Hollywood Boulevard and Las Palmas near the punk club THE MASQUE and its attendant squatter’s tenement THE CANTERBURY and was the subject of the scum-punk song “Trouble at the Cup” by DANGERHOUSE RECORDS chairman Black Randy. Considered by some to be the house band for The Masque, as it first emerged out of jam sessions at the club. The club’s owner BRENDAN MULLEN played drums. Quasi-Gold Digger backup singers wearing cowboy hats and toy pistol holsters dubbed The Cupcakes. Aptly named frontman Spazz Attack (a.k.a., “Craig Allen Rothwell”) was known for successfully executing 360 degree flips in the middle of a song. He playing Devo’s famed Booji Boy mascot (“a bizarre adult infant freak with pre-adolescent sexuality and Yoda-like wisdom”) in the band’s videos for “(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction” and “Peek-a-boo” and later was a dancer on David Bowie’s 1987 Glass Spider tour. (Rumor was he was coached by dance guru Toni “Mickey” Basil.) Lead guitarist Geza X known for his art-damaged surf guitar and trumpeter Hal Negro known for being a trumpeter in a punk band. Famed for its Cuisinarty mixing of influences: name-checking ORNETTE COLEMAN (whose song “Themes from a Symphony” they covered), Sun Ra, George Clinton and James Brown along with the New York Dolls, T.Rex and The Sex Pistols. Also may have pioneered the hipster practice of the Ironic Cover Song: from the Green Acres theme to the “Cal” Worthington used car commericals. Evolved into the pioneering LOUNGECORE band Hal Negro and the Satin Tones, with the Cupcakes evolving into the Playboy Martinet-aping Punk Bunnies.