Art for Spastics is Back! (For a Show)

Before there was Expressway To Yr Skull, before there was Ribbon Around a Bomb, before there was the Dynamite Hemorrhage Radio Podcast, there was ART FOR SPASTICS. DJ Rick’s radio show on Davis, CA’s KDVS was the first, and for a while, the only, radio show that I downloaded and listened to on my “iPod” every week. 

He went away – and for one week at least, he’s back. Absolutely a treasure chest of art punk, noise, bizarro pop & garage and that sorta thing. 

Art for Spastics is Back! (For a Show)


You might want to take a listen to the full 20-minute radio show set that Austin, TX’s SPRAY PAINT played on KDVS-Davis, CA last month. Courtesy of the always right-on DJ Rick from Art For Spastics, this set and accompanying interview show off this spazz-hot art punk band as their two 45s do, just with more songs and in the “live environment”. I’d peg Spray Paint as a minimalist but relatively free take on first couple-EPs Minutemen, mixed with some mid-80s balled-up tension rock like Phantom Tollbooth, Breaking Circus, Tripod Jimmie and that ilk. Spectacular, dynamic stuff & worth the DL.