(Originally written on my Agony Shorthand blog in 2005…)


A wild, borderline-inept, off the rails Finnish pseudo-hardcore record from 1983. I’ll take it! There’s a reason that record collecting scum have been scouring the auction sites for THE RUTTO’s debut of late. Now that I’ve heard the whole 6-minute package instead of just its kickoff track “Ma Vihaan”, I’m really floored by it. It’s just a massive wallop of sound, featuring a high-pitched Greg Ginn-like feedback whine that preludes every track, and a pummeling, fuzz-heavy guitar that brings almost as much steady intensity as Ginn did to tracks like “Police Story”or “I’ve Heard It Before”.

The female vocalist has this vessel-bursting vocal scrape that sounds like she’s attempting to spit up all 5-6 vowels at once – then again, perhaps that’s just the Finnish language for ya. She’s a real hoarse shouter nonetheless, and her amateur take on “singing” is in line with the rest of the DIY pleasures to be found on Rutto’s debut. Each of the 5 tracks buzz at a steady mid/high-tempo pace and don’t vary for 7/8ths of the track, yet all sort of fall to pieces at the end and stop, rev up again, and finally collapse into chaos. Fans of SOLGER, TEDDY & THE FRAT GIRLS and the motherf***in Flag themselves will be impressed. Get it on your dorky want list ASAP.

Listen to the whole thing here.


I don’t know if any of you were hoping for more early 80s Dutch punk in your life this afternoon, but for those of you who were, here’s the stunning “Van Agt” from RAKKETAX, a terrific loopy and raw female-fronted monster. Comes from the 7" comp “Utreg-Punx”, which neither you nor I currently have in our collection.


I can’t find any online evidence that “Dogshit” by ANTLER JOE & THE ACCIDENTS ever charted in any country, but this 1981 slop-punk from Fort Meyers, Florida certainly deserved likely more attention than it got.

Perhaps it was just a little too vile for the times – or maybe it was the fact that they only made 300 of their lone 45.


Check out this sloppy spirit-of-‘78 punk rock from Minneapolis’ THE SLEAZE, released on a new 12" on – that’s right – “Total Punk” Records (!).

Outstanding CRIME-like guitar, mushmouth vocals and a lackadaisical aimlessness that stands far above the punk rock pack in 2013.


Since we’re posting fanzine scans, why not take a gander at the last one I made? This is SUPERDOPE #8, which came out in 1998. I have plenty of extra copies, for what it’s worth, and will mail one anywhere in the world if you’ve got $3 to Paypal me at jayhinman@hotmail.com. $4 for Canada, $6 everywhere else. 

It contains a long article called “45 45s That Moved Heaven and Earth” and is exactly what it sounds like. There are reviews of more current records of the era as well. 


One of the great English DIY vinyl artifacts of all time, from THE PETTICOATS on her one and only 7"EP from 1980. Yes, it was a her, not a they – Stef Petticoat, to be precise. She said on the record itself that it “…contains 3 B-sides. Play loud”. Oh, you will.


This is a smoking early piece of Texas punk in the “KBD” style from a lost band called BOY PROBLEMS. I found it on a 7" bootleg comp I bought many years ago called “Sacred Cattle”, and if you believe what you read here, the track is not even called “Participation” at all, but rather “Precipitation”. 

I’d date it at about 1979 or 1980, tops. What do you think?