I’ve held a 1987 radio show tape of Detroit’s LAUGHING HYENAS, live on WCBN-Ann Arbor, close to my bosom for many years now, and I think it’s time to let this thing loose for the people.

I thought these guys were amazing at the time, especially live. 25, 26 years later I feel very distanced from their theatrics and hate-vibe sound, but I can still appreciate it at some neanderthal gut level. I wrote a piece about my 21st century thoughts on the Laughing Hyenas on my old Agony Shorthand blog here, which you can read if you have a couple minutes.

Meanwhile, there’s this digitized tape for you. You ought to hang around through the interview(s) with the band on this thing – they’re completely comic and nonsensical and full of quotables. I’ve been using “Joe Mama Angie Daddy” on unsuspecting rubes for years now!

Track listing:

Playground / 7 Come 11 / Sister Come Sh*t In My Mouth / Gabrielle / Stain / That Girl / Chuck’s Jism / Hell’s Kitchen / Love’s My Only Crime

DOWNLOAD – Laughing Hyenas, Live on WCBN, 6-22-1987